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Updated Guest Review by Max Felter posted on 1/22/10

In my opinion is a great spanking plus sex site. For a moderate fee ($25 per month) I got access to a site which as of December 2009 had about 84 videos, and let me download the full movies without restriction. The movies were 15-45 minutes long, and were not bloated with non-spanking filler.

I liked the site for several reasons. First, the content was fresh and original and highly varied. Second, and very important, the video quality was consistently the best I've yet seen in downloaded movies, and the download speed was fairly quick, with a 100 mb video taking about 10 minutes to come down the pipe.

The videos I saw on the site varied greatly in several respects. In severity the spankings ranged from mild to semi-severe: in the most severe you'll see no blood, but you do see some pretty sore bottoms. Implements included hands, paddles, canes, belts, tawses. Nearly all the spankings were male on female.

In age, the spankees varied between 20 and 50. In weight they varied between slender and very plump. Spankees' faces varied between very pretty and quite plain. Personally I sometimes find women with faces that are considered plain sexually interesting, because often they are more relaxed and less guarded with men than their better looking sisters; also, a plain face sometimes comes with an oo-la-la sexy body.)

Sexual activity also varies a lot. About 80 per cent of the videos have no sex, apart from sometimes some fondling and some clear views of ladies' generative organs. But in the remaining 20 per cent of the videos, there is real genuine unmistakable 100 per cent sex, including some good sucking and fucking. My absolute favorites were Sandy, a mature woman who really seems to enjoy a good spanking along with sex, then Allison, a somewhat younger woman, who had a beautifully shaped bottom, and had sex after quite a hard caning, and Marianne, who looked like a very proper housewife, until her knickers were down and her bottom was up getting thrashed.

Then, last but not least among my favorite videos, there was a very plump housewife called Collette, in a video titled "Housewife in Need" in the credits, but "Housewife Punished" in the list of movie names. She was interviewed several times, between spankings, and she hit the nail squarely on the head when she said she likes mild to moderate spanking as a form of sexual foreplay, because it turns her on, but that she does not enjoy severe whipping. This is precisely what Alex Comfort said in the first edition of "The Joy of Sex", in a chapter that was deleted in later editions. Spanking, not as real punishment, but as a means for arousing a man and a woman, sexual foreplay.

Not many sites contain both spanking and actual sex. The three I like best are, first, this one, then second, Far East Media, and third Spanked and Abused. Far East Media has at my last count got 90 videos combining spanking and full sex. The early ones contain some truly great scenes, with a guy called Joe Lewis, but have poor video quality: the later ones by and large have weaker scenes, but much better video. The last time I looked, Spanked and Abused had only 16 videos, and the video quality was generally a bit weak, but in three of the videos the content was absolutely superb, non-brutal, but pretty close to what an actual spanking couple might do. If anyone who reads this review knows of any other good sites that combine sex and spanking, I'd sure appreciate hearing about them.

Oh, one more observation about Red Stripe Films videos. There was somehow a very natural quality to them. Partly this is because direction and editing were good, and partly because the camera work was unobtrusive but excellent: everything was well lit and the color values were good and never muddy or unreal. The acting was for the most part relaxed and easy and reasonably convincing. Really a good site.

Guest Review posted 6/27/08 by Alvin

Webmaster's Note- This is not the same site as Red Stripe Spanking and the movies are not rotated and are kept online permanently according to the reviewer.

This is a very interesting development from a new website Company although I suspect the characters are on several other websites. What's unusual about this movie "The Cheating Wife" are the sex scenes. Generally in spanking movies, spanking scenes may involve eg aunt coming in finding boyfriend with niece, husband suspecting wife of affair, etc, and the result is a spanking. This one is different. Read on and all will be revealed!!

It appears that sexy blonde housewife June is a bit frustrated with her husband. (He's the bespectacled chap that appears in a lot of films on the website). Apparently, he's alway at work and sexy June, who I guess must be late 30's/early 40's and looks quite ravishing, fancies the gardener. She's wearing a strappy, backless cotton dress with a flowered pattern and high heels.

The movie gets quickly into the action with June giving the lucky gardener oral sex out in the garden. They're both obviously enjoying it as they are giving murmours of pleasure. He comments that she's normally wearing baggy jumpers and jeans not sexy clothes like this and that he wants to take her inside. "We'll see your husband down the long drive if he comes back", he continues.

The action moves into the kitchen and she says, "We really shouldn't be doing this, you know I don't really want to". Nevertheless she drops onto her knees for more action. He then returns the favour before finally finishing her off on the kitchen table. And when her dress comes up, she's wearing sheer white silk stockings with a lacy top and white suspenders. This is one sexy lady. What she doesn't know though, is that her husband has left his car at the end of the drive, crept back, and is looking through the kitchen window aghast. Now most men who have found out that their wife has been given a good ???? by another man will have one of 2 reactions. Either it will result in a wild love-making session or he'll want to give her a good spanking. Guess what happens here?

But before that, couple go back out into the garden, sit at a wooden table and wouldn't you know it? Her hand is wandering again. Her dress is pulled up showing off her lovely slim legs in those sexy stockings. Suddenly the husband shows up and an arguement ensues before he chases the gardener. Turning his attention to the hapless June who's hastily pulling her dress down and trying to look as demure as possible. He tells her, "I saw everything and as you love that table so much, you'll get a different treatment on it" And with that, he grabs her hand and drags her inside. "Stop it, she says, "I'll not be treated like this" as he bends her face down over the table, which just a short while ago, with legs akimbo, she was getting and giving so much pleasure.

He immediately starts spanking her over her pretty floral dress. She's soon squealing and telling him to stop. Pretty soon her dress is pulled up to reveal pale-blue lace knickers which are virtually see-through. He really spanks her hard and soon she's howling in protest.

"You're really hurting me" she says

She's already sobbing when he unceremoniously drags her knickers down and tells her to step out of them. The camera then switches to her face and every spank brings forth a grimace. When she then has to kneel on a chair and it told to spread her legs, the camera gets a fabulous shot of her perfect rear. By now it's bright red and framed by her stocking tops and taut suspender straps and everything in between "Is on view". (I had to take a cold shower at this point.) By the time he stops, she frantically rubbing her tortured rear and sobbing.

He then allows her to stand and he goes to get a strap. And then unties the ties at the top of her dress which just falls to the ground revealing the magnificent breasts, which earlier were ravished by the gardener. She's then strapped on on her hands before being strapped first laying flat on the table and then on all all fours. By the end, her eyes have filled with tears and her mascara is running.

Now I personally found this a very arousing movie. The contrast between the sexy woman giving and receiving pleasure and then being treated like a naughty schoolgirl was excellent.

Can't wait for more movies from this company.

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