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Reformed in Five Days

Produced by Connoisseur Videos
Date of production: 2004
Starring Monica, Morgan Taylor, & Kara Jayne
Length: about 100 minutes.

2nd Review by MARS posted 12/17/10

A feature-length CP film, with an exciting premise, but the anticipation never results in a satisfying conclusion. Three girls are sent to a reformatory for a long-weekend of five days for the sole purpose of corporal punishment. "This is a very severe reform school," says Headmaster Bottomley. The girls will be spanked in sequence for four hours in the morning and each afternoon, successively more severe sessions we're told, for the five days. Potential crescendos never materialize.

Monica (the actress Monica), Morgan, and Tara report and are confronted by Bottomley, their sentence is explained and they are sent to put on school gymslips and knee socks and report to a classroom, where the entire filming will occur, in repetitive formats.

"Day 1 Spanking Day": The girls sit at desks, a blackboard contains the schedule and will be used to tally the spankings. The girls come forward and are taken OTK by Bottomley and spanked on their school knickers. Blond Monica's lean athletic body is known from her performances: blond Morgan is the bigger bottom here, a real project compared with the other girls; and blond pony-tailed Tara will be the middle-bear. The successive repeated spankings are moderate, almost mild.

"After Lunch" each day is bare-bottom time, handspanking here on the first day. Nothing exceptional to note, except when the knickers are down, all three bottoms are usually kept in the frame.

"Day 2 Strapping Day": The girls at their desks again--the camera in the same position. Their homework is checked, then they are bent over their desks and strapped on their knickers in the morning on the bare in the afternoon, time condensed of course. The strap is a foot-long, two-inch wide, thin floppy model, which could cause some dancing if used properly, but it is mild here, so much so that neither redness nor marks develop. The afternoon session features a spanking bench. Monica has knelt on it before and demonstrates for the girls.

Staff member Mr. Grainger joins Bottomley and takes over some punishment. He is even more of a softy.

"Day 3 Flogging Day": Same drill, knickers in the mornng and bare in the afternoon, but since the naughty girls wore cutaway bikini pants today, bare cheeks will be available all day. The flogger implements are used by the two men without gusto. No accumulation. If this were a proper reform school, the girls should be doing a lot of standing-up by now. "Tomorrow, 8 AM sharp, for will be quite an experience!"

"Day 4 Birching Day": The men attack the bottoms with manufactured birch bundles with handles, again mild stuff, the opportunity for stinging scintillation is lost.

"Day 5 Caning Day": Sets of six to each girl make no impression. One of the girls' aunt joins joins the session as an observer and does some caning herself. There is some voyeur stimulation by having a woman present while these two men admire, fondle, and cane the bare bottoms of three young girls.

In a concluding segment, Morgan stands to confess she had instigated Tara to some of the offenses which caused this internment, and so she earns more. "Take off your uniform." She gets naked, the aunt present to observe again, although her pants don't come down until she is in front of the bench again, preserving the frontal modesty consistent in the film. She receives 12 cane strokes from each of Bottomley, Grainger, and the aunt, but even this leaves only the faintest traces on her ample bottom.

It would have been more exciting if the five days of spankings had been depicted as developing more or more sensitive bottoms, making sitting, standing, and pants-lowered more challenging.

First Guest review by Alex Gardner

Reformed in Five Days" is to my mind a film of marked strengths and also some definite weaknesses. This much may be deduced from my strangely inconsistent reaction to it. I first encountered it in the form of eight minutes of extracts on a Connoisseur compilation disc. I liked what I saw. Then I bought and watched the whole lengthy film - and frankly found it a bit disappointing. How come? Because the complete film didn't really add anything except quantity.

Made as a sequel to "Final Warning" (already reviewed on this site), "Reformed in Five Days" sees Monica and her cousins Morgan and Kara sent away from home to "a very severe reformatory school" (though the actual venue is obviously just an upper room in the same house!). Their jeans and T-shirts are exchanged for traditional British school uniforms: bottle-green gymslips with white belts, white blouses, white socks, black shoes, and bottle-green regulation knickers. The three actresses are well-known and well-liked participants in the British spanking scene. At first sight, from the front, Monica may look too slender to possess a very spankable bottom, but when she turns round, the viewer gets a welcome surprise. In the case of Morgan, a plump Scottish blonde, a comparable revelation comes whenever she bends over, for her large fleshy buttocks suddenly assume a gloriously rounded shape that really is a joy to behold. The scene in which she is strapped on the seat of her tight green knickers is the highlight of the film for me (given that two of my particular weaknesses are big bums and full-bottomed panties).

Practically all the action takes place in a modest schoolroom furnished with three wooden desks and chairs, a poster entitled "Flags of the World" (covering up an inconveniently positioned wall-mirror), a blackboard on an easel, a selection of CP implements, and latterly a punishment bench. The headmaster of the reform school announces to the three girls that they are to undergo an incredibly daunting schedule of almost continuous CP. The five days of the title are spanking day, strapping day, flogging day, birching day, and caning day. At the end of each day, the total number of strokes received by each pupil must be calculated and written up on the blackboard. Some of these figures are fearsome: 154 strokes of the strap, 96 of the cane, and so on. Of course, we don't see all these punishments, but we do see a remarkable number of them. Excuse the ancient pun, but, in terms of the sheer amount of CP depicted, this film takes some beating. The strokes aren't light either. Sometimes the headmaster is joined by his assistant, Mr Grainger. In one sequence, they both strap the same girl at once, one man aiming at her buttocks, the other at her thighs. The next day, they flog two girls simultaneously. The recipients are generally pretty stoical, though 18 strokes of the birch elicit some yelps. On the final day, Monica's mother attends to witness the caning and add a few strokes herself. Finally, Morgan confesses that she was the chief instigator of the misbehaviour and consequently has to strip naked for an additional caning. The film is well lit and the camera work very competent.

Lots and lots of schoolgirl CP, then. So what's the down side? Well, of course, these things are a matter of individual taste, but personally I found "Reformed in Five Days" rather lacking in variety and atmosphere. The reform school administers punishments in a relentless and methodical fashion that might equally be termed routine and mechanical. Scene follows scene, with only the implement changing, the formula remaining pretty much the same: fade in, the three girls stand up at their desks as the headmaster enters, he picks up their exercise-books and glances through them, he punishes Monica, he punishes Morgan, and he punishes Kara in a rota, they bend over their desks in a row with their bottoms bared, the headmaster leaves, fade out. Then it all happens again - and again. The idea of relentless repetitive discipline sessions may appeal to some CP enthusiasts, but it does not make for particularly gripping CP cinema. There is not much dialogue other than the teacher giving the usual orders. The girls never discuss their experiences, and the teachers never discuss their pupils. The headmaster is cool and dispassionate. It is clear from their facial expressions that Monica and Morgan, especially, have reserves of personality and acting ability that are never really allowed to come through in so limited a scenario, which seems to me a great pity.

In summary, "Reformed in Five Days" offers plenty of solid bum-whacking, but not very much in the way of mood, character, interaction, drama, or fun. With more inventiveness and imagination, it could have been a far more entertaining film, for, while I found it arousing enough in the early scenes, its repetitiveness grows rather monotonous. If you want to see these three spanking actresses in a livelier vehicle for their talents, you would be better off watching "Final Warning".

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