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Reform School 1

Length:58 min

Dark, wicked stuff from RGE. A familiar scene--secluded residential setting, where reluctant young girls surrender for punishment, given by stern adults, in a foster-home environment. suspenseful and erotic.

Open on a beautiful rustic Czech countryside; a pretty blonde girl shuffles along, alone and resigned, with her valise, and knocks on a castle-like door. She is reporting in; a stern Master (our RGE devil) drags her inside, scolds her, and takes her to the Matron, who already has a second girl-in-residence, a chunky young brunette, in her clutches, with her pants down, examining an already well-bruised bottom. RGE sets up these scenes well--the blonde sees with her own eyes what's in store for her and we see too. We're going to watch the dour Matron torment the brunette in one part of the house while RGE's senior caner handles the blonde, quite literally, in another.

First, Matron spanks the brunette, pants down, bent over and OTK in front of a crucifix, long and very hard; she grabs the blonde too, for a taste of a bare bend-over spanking. Great closeups of the young lady, completely shaved, and very miserable.

Master takes the blonde off to a dank cellar room (reminiscent of cold war movie scenes) where she reluctantly strips while he waves the cane. He fondles her and eventually helps her down with her panties, to finish the job. Like others, I don't understand Czech, but I'll bet he said, as she shivered nude, "hands at your sides!". He roughly checks her for lice, then points to a gynocology chair. She shrinks back, shaking, and gestures "No," but soon she's positioned, feet (still in little white socks) in stirrups, with a most unhappy face. After a little initial fingering and probing, the girl watches aghast as Master gathers an enema can, hose, and nozzle, and the scene fades......

Upstairs, Matron is rigorously working out the brunette. She is stripped, spanked, and caned. After the blonde is mildly strapped by the Master, we see the two girls together in various stages of nudity, including 100%, being hectored in their sleeping dormitory by the Master. The blonde gets her obligatory caning here. It is colorful, effective, and painful, but nothing like the viciousness of "RS II" or "The Wild Party." At the close, Master has cornered the chunky and nubile brunette nude on a couch, encouraging her to open his pants.

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