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Directed and Produced by: Ohh Tee Kay Productions
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster
Starring: Kat Surth

This video stands out in its superior broadcast quality production values and for the brevity of the production. It lasts a total of ten minutes. This production brings to mind " The Red Shoe Diaries" series that was featured on The Showtime Network in tone and look. This video stars the talented and beautiful Kat Surth. As this production begins Kat is writing in her diary. In her diary Kat is recalling an erotic dream that she had the night before. The sultry voice of Kat provides the narrative that takes us into this most erotic of reveries. In her dream Kat has fallen behind in her rent. She contacts her landlord and informs him that she can not pay the rent due for the month. The landlord agrees to give the errant young woman an extension so long as she agrees to accept a bare bottom spanking from him. The landlord gives Kat a hard bare bottom spanking that we are privileged to view from a variety of camera angles. That is basically the plot of the video.

I recommend this video to all fans of erotic spanking videos. Kat is a petite young woman with a spectacular body and a lovely bottom that would be on anyone's " dream, list". Kat projects an air of innocent sexuality while making it clear that she is totally turned on during her punishment. Kat's delicious rear end colors up quickly and after a few short minutes over the landlord's lap it is glowing red- And so was I. (I should point out that during the viewing of the video I was so turned on that I had neglected to breathe.) This was the best $15.00 investment that I have made in quite some time. I encourage all fans of spanking erotica to purchase this video. So enthusiastic was I about this video that I bought a copy of it for a friend of mine just to share the experience of Kat's erotic spanking dream.
Aldus' Rating: 10 (on a scale of 1-10)

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