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For those that have seen previous Rigid East videos, this one is a little different. The company posted a "comic" that sort of lays out the story for you, so even though you have no idea what these people are saying, you can get the gist of the story. The video starts off with the 2 brunette school girls looking over their report cards at school. Doesn't take a genius to figure out they didn't fair too well. We see the father with some relatives at the house in the living room. These people eat throughout the entire video, which is definitely a little strange. From what the website says, this is supposed to be a comedy in addition to a spanking video. Anyway, they hear a girl getting punished in the neighboring apartment and then the camera switches over to a girl bent over a bed with her white panties down at her knees. This is a very quick scene, but the punisher delivers a massive amount of strokes in this short time. He breaks the skin and she is bleeding from her buttocks and legs. This is the most severe scene in the video.
After the girls get home, and some more eating, the first girl, who wears glasses, goes into the kitchen and gets a very large spoon. She is made to pull her white panties down and the father spanks her with this spoon. Not a very long sequence and although the strokes were pretty hard, this wasn't typical Rigid East Stuff. The funny part is during the spanking, the guy on the left side of the couch is totally captivated by this spanking. He is holding some type of food, which is crumbling out of his hand onto his leg and the floor. Our 2nd girl is found in the bathroom, where she puts on a sanitary pad, trying to fool Dad into thinking she has her period. Well, he wasn't fooled and her panties come down and she gets a hard spanking with the spoon as well. Again, pretty hard, but not as hard as some of their other videos. The last angle just before she gets up shows between her legs, if that makes a difference to you. Finally, the first girl with the glasses visits the girl who got the cane in the first part of the video. You see her blistered butt and legs one more time, and then the girl with the glasses takes the trash out. That's it. Not a bad video overall, and it probably would have been better if I understood the humor. It's not quite 30 minutes long and the quality of the pictures and sound is good.

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