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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

The spankee in this video is a woman, who I'd say is in her mid 30's. She is a larger boned woman, but still pretty. The storyline is she comes home from shopping to find her husband awaiting her return. He is rather unhappy that she is out spending money again. She was warned that if she went out and spent alot of money again, she would be punished. Feeling that he would go too easy on her, the husband has hired a professional punishment man. She goes into the bathroom and chages into a blue t-shirt and sort of light orange panties. The punishment guy pulls her over his knee for a hard hand spanking over her panties. She then gets a spanking on the bare. The panties come up after each punishment, for those who like to see the panties come down before each session. She is then made to stand up and bend over and is strapped with the guy's belt. The final punishment is her again bent over with her being paddled. The action in the film is excellent and as with all their videos, the people in the videos are amateurs. The video is around 30 minutes or so.

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