Guest Review by Southpaw posted on 12/19/08

Editor's note: We at SPReview have received countless complaints that DVDs ordered and paid for have never been mailed. In addtion, readers have complained that website memberships to their website continue to be billed after they have been cancelled. This review was submitted by a reader that watched the video via an online rental site called Spanking VOD. This is an online rental which will expire after a week. You can access the Ravenhill videos directly by going to www.ravenhillvod.com.

I kept looking at this first RBCP offering but not selecting it. I had rented RBCP 1 & 2, and enjoyed them both, but there is such a fabulous selection of offerings at VOD that I couldn't choose. Rachel's picture on the front cover intrigued me though. It had to be an "after" shot, but she appeared composed if rumpled. I wanted to see her before what would be the spanking of her life. If the picture on the box front intrigued me though, the pictures on the "backside" fascinated me. Rachel is a fair skinned young lady, so I assumed her bottom would be pale and smooth. I wanted to watch those cheeks make the long and painful journey to their red, bruised and welted final destination. Rachel wonders aloud that people would pay to watch her get spanked, and tells of getting otk, bare bottomed paddlings by her step dad growing up. Gee, Rachel, who would want to watch that? She was very cute standing in her modest skirt, sweater and hose and meeting her disciplinarian with a handshake. "I will be administering your spankings today." I really like the RBCP format. First, the bottom is fully bare before the first spank lands. Over the first five minutes I counted over 400 spanks. All over Rachel's bum, including high up where there is less padding. Every so often, like the pain is unbearable, Rachel drums the toes of her shoes on the floor. She apologizes over and over, pleading for it to stop. Several seconds before the last grains of sand fall through the hourglass, she finally cries out "when will this be over?" She has not been allowed to watch the timer, nor did she get the "halfway there", "one minute to go" reassurance that is fairly common. Rachel must have thought it would never end. When she finally gets up, she is given a minute or two to catch her breath and wipe her eyes before she is back over the man's knee with her skirt up and her well spanked bottom back on display. Time for a good, old fashioned hairbrush spanking. No oversized brush that you KNOW nobody would brush their hair with and like wise no wimpy little plastic thing. Just a good, solid wooden hairbrush. Rachel's cheeks will meet that brush nearly 300 times before the next five minutes elapse. Let's see that means a swat a second, and trouble for Rachel. He moves the brush around, spanking high up, on the sides, and where the upper thigh meets her (left only) buttock. He really spanks the fleshy part of her bottom hard and finally he turns the brush vertically, pulls her cheeks apart, and gives her several spanks along the crevice. Another aspect of Rachel's spanking that made RBCP1 better than 2 or three; after each otk session, she allows herself to be turned and bent over a table. While she catches her breath and regains her composure, her spanker and associate (and we) examine her bottom, running hands across it and commenting on their little masterpiece before giving her a few pats. The poor girl isn't finished with her second spanking for more than a minute, before being led in a shocked state to a tall ottoman. She goes across it like it is a port in a storm, but it is anything but a safe harbor. Her cheeks are ready for the cane. She counts 25 strokes, spread around nicely. Great camera close ups on Rachel's rump and the welts over the red, bruised surface. As adorable as her bottom was before the first spank landed, you should see it now. The last five strokes are fast and the panic in her voice made me glad it was finished. I think Rachel Miller paid her debt and learned her lesson.

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