Directed and Produced: Tierre Ainese
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

I decided to review both of these releases at the same time. I simply love the authenticity of the entire "Resolved By Corporal Punishment" series. There are 5 volumes that have been done so far, and I have all 5, and I plan to continue purchasing them as they are released. Here is the basic premise of the series. In each volume we are presented with a young woman who has committed a crime against a fellow citizen. The crimes range from theft of property to skipping out on the rent. In all cases the offended party has gotten to the point of either bringing a lawsuit, or turning the perpetrator over to the law. And in all of the volumes, Raven Hill Studios steps in with an offer to solve the problem. What they offer to do is to pay the aggrieved party the outstanding monies owed, in return for the offender submitting to an on camera spanking. In these video's, much like in one of my other favorites "Beach Girl Spankings", is to submit to 3 different corporal punishments of approximately 5 minutes in duration. Richard Lewis is chosen to be the disciplinarian in both of these cases. In "Resolved" #4 we are presented with the case of Kimberly, who had decided to help herself to some money from the cash register of the store she was working for. Rather than be in the position of paying her price to the owner of the store, and society, she has decided to take up Raven Hill on their offer. She is to submit to 3 different corporal punishments of approximately 5 minutes in duration. This is true for the first two punishments which are as follows; A standard over-the knee hand spanking; a hairbrush spanking; and this is where it changes to number of strokes. For the third session she receives 30 very hard swats with the paddle. In the beginning she says, "How bad can it be". In the end...she knows! In "Resolved" #5 we have the story of Tara, who decided to skip out on her roommate without paying her portion of the phone bill. Tara has a very nice body and a very spankable butt. Her first punishment is the standard 5 minute over-the-knee hand spanking. The second is 25 strokes of the strap, and the third is 14 strokes with a rattan cane. She is crying almost immediately, but by the end she is bawling profusely, and uncontrollably. Neither of the girls in these videos is stunningly gorgeous, but they have very nice bottoms, and the fact that they are real, not actresses, more than makes up for looks. As a matter of fact, maybe they are more appealing because of this. Both punishments are very severe, and for me a lot of fun to watch.

Now on to the production value: This video is super clean, no color bleeding, no noise lines, or any thing else to distract from our viewing pleasure. While being clean, it retains a certain lushness of color. The camera angles are superb, and the direction is just right. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give these a 9 3/4.

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