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RHV 21 - Bad Ass Discipline

Guest Review by: Petruchio
Submitted on 3/20/06

When I first discovered the magnificent website; home of Red Hot Video productions, the amazing Volume 13 had then just recently been released. That was way back in the spring of 2000. I've noticed that, in general, new releases have followed at approximately six month intervals. Volume 21 took a little longer in its arrival, but be assured it has proven to be well worth waiting for. I'd say it's nothing short of a masterpiece of this particular film genre. All three of the young ladies featured are most definitely exceedingly attractive and their respective spanking experiences are a joy to behold. Here then is my review of the film, with a description of the three scenes in chronological order.

Simply delicious to behold! Gia is a pretty and beautifully proportioned young lady, with shoulder length, blonde, curly hair and a gorgeously well-rounded and extremely spankable bottom. Already in the motel room as her sequence begins, Gia tells us she's about to give us a little show and that she hopes we like it. Impossible not to, I'd say. Wearing a skimpy pink top, a short, white, wraparound skirt, high heel shoes and a naughty little thong under her skirt, Gia begins a sexy dance and striptease. The sequence is less than a couple of minutes and, following her strip, she re-dons her clothing in preparation to offer our spanking man a lap dance. She exudes an air of superiority and haughtiness in her tone and her social skills aren't exactly improved upon in her decision to include the word "asshole" in her enquiry as to whether he's ready for his lap dance! A couple of minute's worth of her cavorting and gyrating up and down his already seated person seem to Gia to be enough in the way of work commitment and it's pretty clear she's expecting to get paid for her work and leave once the said dance is over. Not so, however. The man with the most enviable job in the world promptly flips her across his lap and, much to her surprise and evident indignation and incredulity; he begins to deal with this rather insolent young lady in the most appropriate manner.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact she's in no position to dictate terms to anyone, Gia's immediate response is one of a series of bluntly-worded demands that he should let her go. "What do you think you're DOING....ASSHOLE?!!" she wails there are expletives in great abundance from this exceptionally fiery little madam. The spanking gets going with a good, firm, steady rhythm and it's not long before Gia is starting to feel very sorry for herself. As usual with Red Hot Video, the camera angles used and the well-lit subject matter gives the viewer plenty of excellent views of Gia's beautifully pert, tight little ass getting its much-needed spanking. There's almost no wobble at all to her upended, little bottom cheeks as the steady rain of hard smacks from a large, male, hand continues its onslaught, raising its temperature and changing its hue from its initial pale cream, through various shades of pink and thence to a very satisfying livid red. Gia's cries of protest, though sometimes quite loud and determined, are often more subdued and soft and the noises she makes leave us in no doubt that her spanking, not only long overdue, is having exactly the right effect in inducing a little attitude adjustment. Her very vocal protests, when her skirt is removed, some five or six minutes into the action, are reiterated a little later when her tiny g-string is hauled down with great gusto. After around twelve minutes of so of good, steady, continuous spanking action, our man halts the process, just briefly, so as to spend a little time rubbing and kneading her well-reddened backside. "Stop touching my ASS!!" yells Gia, presumably in the mistaken belief that her ordeal is now over and that she can make her demands for him to stop what he's doing. Quite to the contrary, as Gia immediately discovers. There then follows several minutes more of really good and even faster and harder bottom slapping that makes Gia kick and wail and eventually burst into tears until she is finally thrown off his lap and onto the motel room floor, so to be left rubbing her tender hind quarters and with plenty to make her consider her earlier bad behaviour for some considerable time to come. Gia's spanking is an absolutely delightful sequence to start off this movie.

Veronika Raquel
A little taller than Gia and with distinctly Nordic looks, fairly long and straight blonde hair and a really good body, this second spanking sequence begins with the arrival of Veronika Raquel as she walks up the stairway, outside the motel and on up to the designated room. Sporting a green top and a pair of dark long pants, Veronika gives us a good shot of her perfect behind as she slowly climbs the stairway. Also visible in this initial sequence is her self-evident disapproval of the surroundings; frowning as she observes grime on the banister of the stairs. "Is this Red Hot Video?!" she enquires, with a tone of both disappointment and slight amazement as she enters the motel room. She looks around the place and, in a rather snooty tone, asks where she might be able to change. Further exasperation from Veronika Raquel is obvious when she's told that the bathroom serves as the changing room. Muttering and quietly fuming as she goes into the bathroom to change, it is clear that this young lady has arrived on the scene with a major attitude problem and air of distain and disapproval regarding the entire set up and its surroundings. Clearly she is not going to prove a particularly co-operative and enthusiastic model for this lingerie shoot. After changing, Veronika re-emerges into the room and she's sporting a really tight, figure-hugging, lime green micro mini dress and high heel shoes. She affects a smile and a girly posturing as she introduces herself to camera and begins her description of the outfit she's wearing. Her affable air lasts only fleetingly however and she very quickly hisses her exasperation and contempt for what she regards as an assignment that's way beneath her dignity. Brandishing a copy of a magazine she's been featured in, she arrogantly announces that that is what real work is all about, as she points to the magazine, and repeatedly voices her declaration that she's Veronika Raquel. From her tone, it is clear that this fiery little wildcat is under the impression that she is a model of some considerable status and that we are therefore somehow expected to prostrate ourselves before her high and mighty celebrity self. In all the RHV movies I've seen, I don't think I've come across a model as impertinent, rude, egotistic and stuck up as this truly badly-behaved and utterly ill-disciplined brat. As she stands in defiance, staring into camera and re-iterating her disenchantment with the work she's been hired to do, she sarcastically demands if she's going to be given what's coming to her! By this, of course, Veronika Raquel is referring to her fee. Clearly, as both we and the man in the hot seat know only too well, this exceptionally rude and bad-tempered example of young womanhood has something else coming to her, prior to any form of financial settlement. And gets it she most decidedly does!

Finger and thumb of a male hand quickly grasp the immediately astonished Veronika Raquel by her right ear and she is led straight to the place of punishment. The spanking man hurls her across his lap and there is an almost continuous stream of loud vocal outburst, protestation and anger from the blonde brat as she hisses her remarks through a tight, thin-lipped little potty mouth. Two words she seems to favour, in her stream of insulting utterances are "asshole" and "motherfucker" and it's very clear from the outset that our spanking man is going to have his work cut for him in dealing with this particular young lady. Transforming her into a better-behaved and more courteous, lady-like young female is not going to be swift, nor will it be a thing achieved through a light-handed and lenient approach. A resounding spanking ensues for many, many minutes, with all the usual good angles being employed to their full effect in showing us the rapidly reddening backside and the almost incessant wails of protest from Veronika Raquel. It seems to take ages for her to eve start to get the message, despite a very vigorous onslaught being delivered to her pert and taught little ass. After around twelve or thirteen minute's worth of good, old-fashioned bottom warming, the spanking man pauses and then asks Veronika Raquel her age. "Twenty-one" she informs him, after asking firstly why he should wish to know. The result is an amusing sequence in which she is required, with each heavy slap delivered, to count out loud the sequence of his smacks and having to ensure she includes the words "thank you, sir!" with each wallop. After a couple of minutes of this, which is very entertaining to watch, the spanking man then returns to an even more earnest and fast-paced delivery spanking than before and so he continues until, after a total of around sixteen minutes worth, Veronika Raquel finally ends up on the room of the floor, very much chastened by what she has experienced. A final, hard slap on her backside is delivered as she gingerly staggers to her feet and sets off to the bathroom to get changed again before her departure. So, if you enjoy seeing very, very arrogant and rude young ladies getting their comeuppances you are most certainly in for a real treat with Veronika Raquel's spanking.

Sasha Sparks
The final spanking sequence features Sasha; yet another blonde girl, rather tall with a very attractive, perhaps somewhat Germanic face, with lovely big eyes and full lips. Sasha has a drop dead gorgeous and buxom, curvaceous, voluptuous and really well proportioned figure. Her sequence begins with her arrival in the motel room, wearing a sleeveless, white top and dark denim jeans and making the usual enquiry as to whether this is where she is to do the shoot. She's politely invited to come on in and get changed. Sasha is clearly not terribly impressed with the room as a venue for a photo shoot and makes several, moaning complaints about the air conditioning not being on. Firstly, she models a red outfit, complete with long, silk robe and then later changes into a lycra top in leopard skin design, together with seamed, black stockings and black high heels. After further grumbling, Sasha then quickly loses her temper with the whole process and says she's going to call her agent. Her tirade at her agent is veritable stream of four-letter obscenities and accusations that last about a minute and ends with Sasha's declaration that she will only stay for a further five or ten minutes and then she's leaving. She duly slams the phone down at the termination of the call, thus confirming her state of anger and disgruntlement at the whole place and the work she's expected to do. Without further ado, the spanking man realizes that this angry and impatient young woman has a lesson in manners to be taught and teach them to her he most certainly does.

Sasha is an absolute delight to watch from the outset. Her mouth watering body, draped across the spanking man's lap and her kicking legs and yells of threats and protest all combine to give her spanking sequence a very explosive affair with a considerably erotic impact. The spanking continues, good and soundly for at least twelve minutes and maybe more until she is then released so as to go and stand in the corner, with her face to the wall. This gives the viewer a delightful shot of her perfect figure and soundly reddened behind, while the spanking man coolly and calmly enjoys a refreshing glass of Red Ass ale. Having quenched his understandable thirst, he decides there is still yet more discipline to be delivered to this particular young lady and she is once again taken across his lap for several more minutes of good, steady, heavy-handed spanking.

All in all, I would say that Volume 21 is truly great piece of work. For me, the final sequence with Sasha Sparks is my favourite of the three featured, although they are each of them eminently watchable, over and over again

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