The Riding Crop

48 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS - Posted 10/31/08

British production, it appears; the girls are American. An unpleasant male character is going to discipline two female housemates of his for getting him fired from an assignment they all worked on together. "It's payback time." "Payback?" They agree to be spanked to be allowed to remain living with him.

The blonde and brunette, who seem used to taking their clothes off, do just that, for a series of spankings, croppings, a green paddle, and lots of cold cream. Plenty of flesh to contemplate, and these girls are not shy about any of their assets. The greasy spanker says of his work: "It's almost like swatting flies, isn't it?" Unfortunately, that accurately describes his intensity. Reseachers are working on the concept that the skin on American girls' bottoms is thinner. It certainly seems so from our observations.

The girls are encouraged to spank each other. Spankings,croppings, and creamings, ooh's and aah's. That is about all. The guy feels at the conclusion that "the rent is paid for this week," at least.

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