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This company produces some of the most brutal spanking material I've ever seen. Raven Hill has an agreement with them and sells a few of their videos, but I ordered this direct. The video is obviously in not in english, so I really don't have any idea what they are saying to eachother. However, the gist is there is a young brunette who is in trouble with her father. The video is shot in a living room, which gives the feel of actually being at the father's house. There is some dialoge and then the girl is drapped over the father's knee where she is given a very lengthy spanking on the white panties and on the bare bottom. She is then made to stand up and face the camera. She has to hold her skirt up above her waist while her panties are around her ankles. He proceeds to spank her standing up while she is facing the camera. Again, lengthy and hard spanking. She lets go of her skirt, which appears to really piss him off. She is made to take the skirt and her sweater off. She is now in a white girls tank-top type t-shirt. He then spanks her again over the knee with her panties still around her ankles. There is no mercy here, he just blisters the living daylights out of her ass. The last portion of the video is the caning. He makes her bend over a chair and proceeds to cane her very hard on her bare bottom. Like before, this is a lengthy session and the poor girl is about ready to collapse. The end of the tape shows some scenes from part 2, which is another girl. The girl in the video takes quite a beating and even though I didn't understand what they were saying, I really didn't care. Superb action and the video quality is pretty average. Length is about 30 or so minutes.

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