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The Rivals

Written and Directed by: Eve Howard
Produced by: Tony Elka
Starring: Candice Cayne as Miss Winthrop
Ava Barton as Anna
Mina as Mina
Special Appearance by: Kristie Imboch as Ms. Burgoyne
Reviewed By: David Pierson

" The Rivals" is a wonderfully erotic tale about spanking in a girl's boarding school. The story revolves around the rivalry of two students who are both seeking the attention of their school's headmistress. Anna and Mina are two very attractive young ladies who are as different as night and day. Anna is a beautiful young lady in the classic sense. She has a pretty face, delicate, white skin and a very sexy curvaceous body. One can tell that she is a creature of breeding and privilege. To quote Henry James from his novel Wings Of The Dove, " When she smiled it was a public event- when she didn't it was a chapter in history." Mina on the other hand was a different story. She is a cute young girl with a pretty face, blonde hair and biceps large enough to crush walnuts. On those very muscular arms were tattoos of such an ominous nature that it would have caused Ozzie Osbourne alarm. It seems that Mina must have been a scholarship student. (Athletic of course) Both of these attractive young women have clearly come form different sides of the street. The differences in their physiques was also symbolic of the rivalry between these two young women. What Mina and Anna had in common was an emotional neediness. They both desperately sought the notice and, hopefully, the affection of Miss. Winthrop, the school's headmistress.

As the video opens, Anna and Miss. Winthrop are sitting on a couch preparing for the day's lesson in polite conversation. Suddenly Mina comes skipping into the frame with a bouquet of flowers for Miss. Winthrop. As the schools headmistress leaves her two charges alone as she seeks a vase in which to place her flowers, Anna and Mina begin to bicker. Anna refers to the muscular Mina as a "suck up" and she threatens to tell Miss. Winthrop about her shaking down the younger students for "weed". Mina asks, " You want to fight me?" " Me fight you? Don't make me laugh." was Anna's reply. (Good idea) " However I will spank you!" Anna exclaimed. With that our Mina found herself pulled over the knee of her patrician rival. Anna proceeded to spank Mina over her skirt until she was stopped by Miss Winthrop. Let me note here that this spanking scene is one the best illustrations of power exchange ever filmed. Let's face it, no one short of Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to spank the mighty Mina unless she allows you to do so.

Miss Wintrop decides that Anna must be punished for her lack of decorum. She notes that the lovely Anna would now suffer the same fate as " poor little Mina." As further punishment, she allows the aggrieved Mina to watch Anna's chastisement. She instructs Anna to lie across her lap and proceeds to spank her over the bottom of her skirt. Anna is humiliated at the very thought of being punished in such as manner in front of her nemesis. Eventually, Anna's skirt is pulled up and her panties are lowered. " Oh, please Miss Winthrop, not on the bare bottom!" Anna pleaded. Miss Winthrop was undeterred by Anna's exhortations. Anna's bare bottom spanking was almost unbearably erotic. The superb editing of this scene allows the viewer to expierence Anna's punishment from a series of perspectives. We were treated to the back view of Anna's bottom being reddened by the hand of Miss. Winthrop and then we are given a glimpse of the distressed appearance on Anna's lovely face. During her ordeal Anna had attempted to maintain her composure. Slowly, Anna's stoicism began to crack as the intensity of her punishment increased. Anna's punishment ended abruptly when Ms. Burgoyne, (played by Kristie Imbach), an administrator at the school, came into the room and exclaimed, " Oh, here are my flowers!" She was of course referring to lovely bouquet that Mina had given Miss. Winthrop in order to curry her favor. Once Miss. Winthrop understood the situation, Anna was allowed up and the Mighty Mina was now required to take her place across the lap of the agitated headmistress while Anna was given the privilege of viewing her rival's disgrace. Mina's spanking was initiated over her skirt. Her bottom was warmed by Miss Winthrop's hand and a hairbrush. Soon, Miss. Winthrop required Mina to strip down to her under garments. Mina reluctantly complied with Miss. Winthrop's demand. Once her blouse and skirt were removed it was revealed that Mina was wearing pink lace panties and matching camisole. The site of the athletic Mina clad in this very sexy lingerie made Anna laugh out loud. The thoroughly humiliated Mina was then made to once again place herself across the lap of Miss. Winthrop. For a time Mina was spanked over her lace panties with the avenging headmistress using a combination of her hand, hairbrush and leather paddle. Soon, Miss Winthrop lowered Mina's panties and exposing her bottom that was now almost as pink as her Victoria's Secret's. " Your butt is almost the same color as your underwear", Anna said mockingly. " Yes, they do match quite nicely", replied Miss. Winthrop. Until her panties were lowered Mina had remained fairly well composed under the circumstances. Once her panties were lowered Mina's poise gradually evaporated under the increasingly severe chastisement that she was enduring. Mina's naked bottom was subjected to a severe spanking by hand, leather paddle and, most notably a wooden heart shaped paddle. Mina cried out in pain when the heart shaped paddle was applied to her already sore derriere. After several minutes of this intense bare bottom punishment Mina was subjected to the worst humiliation of all when her hated rival was invited to take part in her punishment. The athletic girl started to beg for forgiveness as Anna took her place next to Miss. Winthrop. Now, Mina found herself across the combined laps of Anna and Miss. Winthrop. Anna took much pleasure in dishing out punishment to the now pleading Mina. " No, please stop! I'm sorry!", Mina cried out as her classmate smacked her bare bottom with her hand and a leather paddle. Anna was laughing as she spanked her now defeated and humiliated antagonist. Mina's punishment was soon ended when Miss. Winthrop decided that Anna was enjoying herself a little too much.

After Mina's punishment had concluded, Miss Winthrop instructed the girls that they would be subjected to a further chastisement later that evening. At the appointed time Anna and Mina arrived wearing only corsets and silk panties. The young women were made to bend over the armrest of two separate, but closely placed couches with their faces only inches apart. Their legs placed lengthwise on the cushions. Miss. Winthrop than started to apply a verity of punishment implements to the bottoms of the two girls. Miss. Winthrop started by punishing Mina and then Anna would receive the same treatment. After a couple of cycles Miss. Winthrop lowered the girl's silk panties and applied these implements of pain to their bare bottoms. Gradually, the severity of the punishment increased. Small paddles and the hairbrush gave way to a fiendish looking black leather paddle that bought squeals of anguish from each of the girls. After applying this vile looking instrument to the each of the girl's bottoms Miss. Winthrop noted that she was fond of each of them and that their punishment would be at an end if they would kiss and make up. " I'm not kissing her." The regal Anna replied with the appropriate amount of disgust in her voice. To this Mina replied " I'll kiss her when hell freezes over." However, a couple of rounds with the wooden cane soon removed the girl's intransigence in this matter. The girls stood up with their panties still at half- mast and kissed. After the girls reluctantly made up, Miss. Winthrop noted that it was time for their lesson in polite conversation.

I really loved this production of " The Rivals". This video is exquisitely erotic and is very well crafted. The cast was terrific and I'd like to see more of Candyce, Ava and Mina in another production sometime soon. Their energy was infectious. This is another triumph for the creative team at Shadow Lane Productions.

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