Spanked on the Road 5

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Raven Hill Studios has just released Spanked on the Highway 5. It's actually not a new release, but a re-release ofthe latter portion of the Great American Road Show 2. Now, I must preface all this by saying that I am not a big fan of Raven Hill productions. Recently, the company had taken to taking previously released videos, chopping them up into parts, and releasing each part as its own video. My sense is that the company is having difficulty finding new models and material, so it is trying to market re-treads as new material. Also, their quality has fallen way off. This appears to be the sign of a company on its way out of business.

That said, Highway 5 (one of their earlier releases) is truly a unique movie. People often write about what makes a spanking movie good. Attractive models is an obvious element. Also, the severity has to be sufficient -- not just a bunch of light slaps. Most people like a bare ass rather than over a thong or clothing. And for a punishment spanking, a sense that the subject is experiencing some humiliation is key. Realism may be among the most important elements. This movie is unique because it is not only realistic, it is REAL!!! After watching it, there can be no doubt.

Somehow, Raven Hill stumbled upon a mother who was willing to allow Raven Hill to film her giving her just over 18 year old daughter a spanking. Apparently, they met at a laundromat near Dayton, Ohio, where the mom, a real appalachian hillbilly type, was bitching about her daughter's behavior and how she needed her ass beaten. When mom heard there'd be money in it for her, she was all too willing to allow it to be filmed. The Raven Hill guys seemed stunned and kept asking if mom would really allow it. Mom said sure and emphasized that she did what mom wanted under her roof and so did her daughter.

So, it was into the Raven Hill trailer to follow mom home where daughter Sarah was waiting. Along the way, the Raven Hill guys were clearly worried about getting separated from mom's car. Upon arrival at mom's shanty-like house, mom kept calling for Sarah to "get her ass out here." Fortunately, Sarah had just turned 18 the prior month. Mom pointed out that Sarah needed a butt beating at least every 4 months and "when she needs one she gets one" no matter who happens to be watching.

When Sarah appeared, she was a very cute short haired blond with blue eyes and a great tight body who was wearing cutoff jeans and stood before mom with her arms crossed. Sarah protested about the need for a spanking and complained about having strangers present. Mom reminded Sarah that as long as Sarah lived in mom's house, mom called the shots and she could use the money. Mom then listed a bumch of things Sarah had done wrong like stealing money and beer and disappearing for a few days and had Sarah get the spanking chair. The guys still couldn't believe mom was allowing them to film it and kept asking whether it was really ok.

Mom had Sarah lay over her knee and started swatting her on her cutoff covered ass while she told her what she was being spanked for. Sarah repeatedly yelled, promised to be good, and complained vociferously about both the spanking and being filmed during it. As mom smacked her, she repeatedly reminded Sarah who was the boss. After about 150 swats, Mom told Sarah to take off her pants. Sarah protested with the guys watching but mom told Sarah not to act like she was a virgin at bare-bottomed spankings. Sarah pulled her cutoffs 3/4 of the way down (no underwear) and got about 50 good smacks like this. She began to cry as her ass began turning noticeably red. Mom then asked the Raven Hills guys whether they were getting their money's worth and told them that this was what a real spanking was like.

Mom then pulled Sarah's pants all the way down for more hard smacks. Sarah protested that the filmers would see everything. Mom's said she didn't care and began asking Sarah whether she wanted the spoon. Sarah did not. Mom and Sarah then argued back and forth about whether Sarah deserved what she was getting while mom continued to smack Sarah's bare ass. Sarah began to scream and cry as her reddening gorgeous tight ass bounced nicely with each smack of mom's right hand while mom held Sarah's head down with her left hand. Mom said she guessed after this, Sarah wouldn't be able to sit down. After over 200 smacks on her bare ass, Sarah threatened to call grandma, jumped up, and ran out of the room while hiking up her pants.

Mom ordered Sarah back in the room. Sarah told mom she was crazy. A mistake!! Mom told Sarah to get the spoon. Looking at mom with sad resignation, Sarah went to get the spoon. Mom told the Raven Hill guys that spankings are how girls in Ohio become women. Sarah tried apologizing and asked mom not to spank her but it didn't work. Mom reminded Sarah of all her lies and misbehavior. Mom ordered Sarah across the couch. Mom then gave Sarah about 50 cracks across her cutoffs with the spoon while Sarah yelped. Sarah then got angry and asked mom whether she had met the Raven Hill guys at a crazy place where there were more crazy people like mom and then proceeded to give mom more lip. Another mistake!!! Down came the pants again.

The tears began to flow again as mom cracked the spoon across Sarah's completely bare ass and mom told Sarah that she had needed this for a while. Sarah began arching her back and begged mom to stop hitting her. Sarah told mom it hurt and mom replied that Sarah needed it. Many red marks from the spoon were clearly visible on Sarah's very red bottom. Sarah's attitude became more complaint as did her bottom. Glimpses of Sarah's jewels now became visible. Sarah began to tell mom that she was "f-cking crazy" but mom only beat her harder with the spoon while she repeatedly asked "Do you want to see crazy?" Having received about 200 whacks with the spoon, mom now told Sarah to go out in the yard and cut a switch. Hiking up her pants on the way out, Sarah dutifully did so while threatening to run away tomorrow.

Mom told Sarah she had had it with her. Mom had Sarah lean over a chair and gave her about 20 whacks on her cutoffs with the switch. Then Sarah was told to drop her pants. Sarah accused mom of "getting off on this" and mom responded with how she had had it with Sarah's behavior. Sarah began crying. For the first 20 strokes, the camera's focus was the switch on Sarah's ass. For the next 10, it was on Sarah's face. With each stroke of the switch, Sarah cried and grimmaced as she looked skyward and the tears freely flowed. Sarah was much more rependent during this part and promised mom whatever she asked for. During the last few strokes, mom told Sarah that she was doing this because she loved Sarah and had Sarah repeat before the stroke that she knew mama was beating her bare bottom because mama loved her. Having finished, Sarah stood up with her pants still down. Mom embraced her, apologized, patted Sarah's back, and repeatedly told her she loved her. Mom sent Sarah into the bathroom to wash her face and mom hit on the Raven Hill guys for her money. I don't think they refused. Such a loving person and parent.

That real teens receive spankings like this should not be a shock to anyone. Like the Raven Hill guys however, I was shocked by the fact that a real mom would allow her daughter to be filmed like this and the film distributed in return for money. However, you'll never find a more real spanking than this. In addition, the girl was very attractive, the spankings were fairly severe, the humiliation was palpable, and the tears were real. Color and sound were good. Camera work was good but not outstanding, which is understandable given the setting. Length 36 minutes. Rating 10/10. Don't miss this one.

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