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RS Institute of Learning Road Trip

Written and Directed by: The Mysterious Mr. M.
Produced by: Mr. M and Miss J
Starring: Lady D as The Dorm Mom
Mr. M as The Dean
Review by: David Pierson
Running Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

This inaugural production of films has been one of the most anticipated spanking video releases of the year. For those of us familiar with the superb work featured on their websites:, and www.spankingteenbrandi it is easy to understand why so much interest was generated a few months ago when announced that they were going to release their first video production. At the time it was widely assumed that their first release would be a collection of the short form work that had already been featured on their various websites. That couldn't have been further from the truth. The tension surrounding this video release increased significantly as reported that their first video was going to be an original project that was going to run for two hours and forty minutes. This sent shockwaves through the industry. RS productions could have released a collection of work already in the can and you would have loved it. Instead they embarked on this costly and very risky project. On September 9, 2002 (the date "Road Trip" was released to the public) the world of spanking video erotica was forever altered. This production of " RS Institute of Learning Road Trip" is an astounding artistic achievement. This film is an instant classic. Twenty years from now, when Jessica, Brandi, Tess and Jill are pushing forty, this video will be remembered as a high water mark in the world of spanking erotica.

It is incorrect to refer to this work as a video in the usual sense of the word. "RS Road Trip" is a full-length motion picture, shot in high quality digital video format. This production features an entertaining story line, a terrific and attractive cast and the highest of production values.

As the story opens, The Dorm Mom, Jessica, Brandi, Tess and Jill are in the RS Institute van heading for a weekend vacation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The RS Institute is a combination boarding school and reformatory for young ladies of an incorrigible nature. They are committed to the RS Institute of Learning by the courts in lieu of jail. At the RS Institute violations of the rules are handled through the use of corporal punishment of varying intensity, depending on the offense. These punishments are meted out by either the Dorm Mom or the Dean.

Jessica, Brandi, Tess and Jill have earned a weekend vacation by exhibiting exemplary behavior at the institute. As the Dorm Mom drives the RS Institute van the girls (and we) are treated to the awe-inspiring site of the snow capped peaks of the Rockies. Needing a break, the group stops at a road side Mc Donalds to get food. Pressed for time, it was necessary for the girls to eat in the van. The Dorm Mom instructed her charges to be sure and clean up after themselves. Once at the RS Institute's mountain retreat, Tess and Brandi excitedly ran from the van to see the house. In their haste, borne of youthful anticipation, they forgot to clean up the mess that they had left of in the van. This, of course, did not sit well with the Dorm Mom. Soon, neither Tess or Brandi would be sitting well.

Upon discovering Brandi and Tess' infraction, the Dorm Mom calls the girls to a meeting in the living room. She confronts Brandi and Tess about their infraction and informs them that they are to be punished for their misdeed. She instructs Brandi to lower her pants and panties and bend over her lap. The Dorm Mom then informed all of her charges that if she needed to punish anyone over the weekend it would be done in front of their peers. Even before Brandi is completely in place her chastisement had begun. The Dorm Mom spanks Brandi's naked bottom hard and fast. After about two minutes of intense punishment Brandi is made to stand in the corner with her red bottom exposed. Tess is then required to climb aboard the spanking express. She is then made to stand in the corner with her red bare bottom on exhibition.

The next girl to feel the Dorm Mom's wrath is little Jessica. It is early in the morning of the second day of the vacation. Upon awakening, the DM discovers that the kitchen was left in an untidy condition. She gets the girls out of bed and brings them into the messy kitchen. Jessica had been given the responsibility of taking care of the kitchen. The Dorm Mom announces that she needs to make an example of Jessica. She begins search through a drawer to find an appropriate spanking implement for a punishment that will be administered in the kitchen. The DM decided upon a wooden spoon. While the Dorm Mom was hunting for the correct implement of torment, Jessica was pleading for forgiveness. " Please ma'am, I'm sorry!" the petite red head said, with tears in her eyes. Despite her pleas for mercy, Jessica was made to bend over a tall kitchen stool; the Dorm Mom then lowered her panties and initiated Jessica's punishment. With each strike of the spoon, Jessica cried out in pain. Soon, her bottom was all most as red as her hair. After a couple of minutes, the Dorm Mom made each girl look upon Jessica's glowing bottom as an admonition against further misbehavior. After, Jill, Tess and Brandi gazed upon Jessica's bottom, the punishment resumed. Jessica was beaten until both of her buttocks were bruised. After concluding the punishment, the DM tied Jessica's nightgown above her waist so that her red, white and blue bottom (Jessica is very patriotic) was on full display. Jessica was then made to clean the kitchen, naked from the waist down.

Later that day, the Dorm Mom and her RS Girls go for a hike through the woods. She cautioned her young ladies to stay together. She noted that getting lost in the woods was a potentially life threatening situation. Failing to heed the warning, Jill and Jessica wandered away from the main group. When Jessica and Jill finally made their appearance, the Dorm Mom was less then pleased with their actions. She informed the girls J. that they would be punished there in the woods. The DM picked up some branches from the ground and had her merry band of miscreants fashion a birch. Jill was the first to suffer the punishment. Jill was lead to an open spot on a ridge, made to lower her jeans and panties and bend over with her hands placed on her knees. The birch was applied to Jill's bare, cold bottom (It was April in the Rockies folks) in rapid-fire succession. After a few minutes, it was Jessica's turn. When Jessica's pants were lowered the marks from that mornings punishment were still in evidence. When the birch was applied to Jessica's already tender bottom she screamed " Oh God!". Upon rejoining the group, the dominant mother of the dorm noted that she was dissatisfied with the punishment that she was able to deliver with the make shift implement. She informed Jessica and Jill that a good strapping awaited them once they returned to the house.

Once back at the RS Institute's mountain retreat, Jill was immediately lead to the living room and made to, once again, bare her bottom for punishment. In her punishment of Jill and Jessica the Dorm Mom used a flexible paddle. Tears were brought to Jill's eyes as this nasty implement of pain stuck her ever-reddening bottom with an incredible amount of force. For Jessica, the punishment was even worse. Her bottom, still sporting the marks from her recent birching and that morning's spoon spanking, was sore to begin with. With each blow from the Flexipaddle Jessica cried out. At the conclusion of their punishment the well-punished young ladies were forced to kneel next to the fireplace with their blistered bottoms exposed.

Later that day, Jill and Brandi were hiding out in the garage, surreptitiously catching a smoke. It was at that time the Dean (as played by Mr. M) made his appearance. After being caught smoking, the girls found themselves receiving an intense belt spanking from the Dean across the bottoms of their jeans.

Soon, Tess found herself on the " Dean's list." Tess had been given the responsibility of making sure that the Deans requirements were attended to. Tess was given a hard spanking by the dean when she forgot to make coffee. Tess was spanked with a small wooden paddle.

It was late at night when our young lovelies find themselves in real hot water- literally. Well actually they skulked out of their bedrooms, stripped off their nightgowns and jumped into the hot tub outside of the house. Soon they were discovered by the ever alert DM. She then made the girls get out of the tub and stand naked in the cold for several minutes. It was so frigid that you could see the steam rising off of their wet bodies. Never fear, the Dorm Mom would see to it that the RS Girls would soon warm up. At least their bottoms would soon be nice and warm. One by one, Jessica, Jill, Tess and Brandi were made to bend over the dorm mom's lap for a completely naked spanking. After each of the girls suffered through an intense over the knee spanking, they were all made to bend over the back end of the couch. In a line there was Jessica, Jill, Tess and Brandi. Using a small flexible paddle, the Dorm Mom began to make a kind of music. Working her way down the line and smacking the naked bottom nearest to her, our Dorm Mom was able to create a spanking symphony. Each girl shrieked in her own particular key as her bottom felt the impact of the paddle.

Early the next day, everyone was packed and ready to return to the Institute. To the shock of the girls, the Dorm Mom informed her charges that they were to return to the Institute only when their bottoms were sufficiently sore. After consulting with the Dean, it was decided that these lovely lasses from the RS Institute were to receive six strokes with the wooden RS Institute paddle. Brandi, Jill, Tess and Jessica each had their pants and panties lowered by their beloved Dorm Mom. They were made to bend over and grasp the back end of the couch. This punishment was very harsh. The Dorm Mom was to deliver the first round of punishment and the Dean would deliver the next. They would alternate until each girl had received the proscribed six swats. The first blow of the paddle landed upon Brandi's unprotected bottom. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes. Jill was next to feel the torment of this implement of severe punishment. When Tess felt the pain that emanated from her bottom after she experienced the wrath of the paddle she began to sob. Then Jessica received her first taste of the paddle. Each of the girls looked sincerely disconcerted. If their bottom hurt that much after the first strike of the paddle, how could they stand up to the pain of five more? By the third round, all of the girls were crying. Brandi was actually shaking from pain and fear, while Tess cried the loudest of all. After the six swats were administered our girl's bottoms were throughly excoriated. The story concludes with the girls pulling up their pants and preparing for a long ride home on their very sore bottoms. That not all folks!
After the conclusion of the story there are plenty of extras for you to enjoy. To the sound track of Spanish guitar, the harshest spankings were shown in slow motion. Shown in this manner, the girls squirming to the pain of their chastisements brought to mind an avant -garde modern dance performance. I guess it could be referred to as the RealSpanking dance of Pain. There are plenty of outtakes too.

This film is a fantastic achievement in the field of spanking video erotica. The creative team at deserves congratulations for putting together such a terrific piece of erotic entertainment. The film just looks great. It was clearly shot using the highest quality of digital video equipment. Eric Blair- Brown, one of our regular contributors and a documentary filmmaker himself, informed me that a steady cam was used in the filming of this production. The location of the film could not have been better. How do you beat the Rocky Mountains for atmosphere? The house used as the RS Institute retreat was spacious and attractive. In a conversation that I had with Jessica, she described the house as " palatial".

Most importantly, the cast was simply amazing. Lady D and Mr. M are amazing dominants. Both are masters in the art of punishment. In some ways Films already possesses two legitimate stars of the medium. Both Jessica and Brandi have very popular websites. However, RS wisely chose not to overuse their stars. "RS Institute Road Trip" is an ensemble piece from start to finish. The energy that these young performers bring to this project is simply infectious.

With their first film having proven to be such a major success Films must now be considered one of the major players in the world of spanking video erotica. For our friends in Hollywood: Hey folks, you have company!



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The Sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun- From the Broadway hit "Annie"

When I look at Jessica's beautiful face I can't help but think of Broadway's precocious red- head. In many ways, it was the hard knock life for her as she grew up on the plains of Colorado. At home, she suffered beatings that make her taped spankings seem tame by comparison. Since leaving her family's home about twelve months ago, Jessica has become a star of spanking erotica with her website Spanking Teen Jessica. ( This is one of the most popular spanking video sites on the web. With her role in the very successful release of Films production of " RS Institutes Road Trip" her star is certain to rise even further. It was with great pleasure that I had a chance to talk with this rising star of the spanking cinema and cyberspace.

David: Hi Jessica. Thanks for doing this interview with me.
Jessica: My pleasure, it actually makes me feel like I am a little famous or something.

David: Congratulations on the success of your film " Road Trip." It's a big hit with the critics and the public. What's that like for you?
Jessica: It did not really sink in until I saw the box cover, that really put things into perspective. I am glad that the first full length film I have gotten to participate in is so good. I have watched a lot of spanking videos over the past year and a lot of them are just so bad. It is nice to be part of one that I can be proud of. Mr. M and Miss J did a fine job!

David: Lady D told me that you, Brandi, Tess and Jill were all real troopers during the filming of " Road Trip." She said that you guys worked two very long days. Was it fun?
Jessica: It was a blast! The spanking we received were very rough, there is no doubt about that, but they made the whole thing fun for all of us. First, they took us way up into the mountains of Breckenridge to the house that was basically a palace. I have never in my life been in a house so big. When we weren't being spanked, we were treated like queens. There was so much food, they took us all shopping, and the house was on all of this land, so we could go hiking without ever getting in a car. The four of us practically lived in the hot tub. Even with the painful spankings, it was the most fun I have had in a long time.

David: I know that your fans are very interested in knowing more about you. What can you tell them?
Jessica: I grew up on the plains of Colorado. I moved away from home just over a year ago and now live about one -hundred miles from my family. I grew up in a very strict environment. I plan to go to college in the near future, but for now I am just enjoying my freedom and having fun.

David: Before you became a video star you already were a well-known internet personality on your website Spanking Teen Jessica. ( how did you get to become a star of spanking videos?
Jessica: It began with me answering an ad that was placed about being spanked. The thought of it excited me, so I took a chance and went and received a hard spanking. My enjoyment of the whole thing and the owners liking me, led to my getting an offer for my own spanking site. The rest is history. I am now spanked on a weekly basis for my website and do the occasional work on larger scale video productions.

David: Mr. M told me that you take a spanking unlike anyone else he knows. Do you like being spanked?
Jessica: Yes and no. ( laugh) I really have mixed emotions on the whole subject. Growing up I was punished frequently and severely. I did not gain any satisfaction from those punishments. But, there was a heightened sexuality that resulted from them, so this left me pretty confused. Getting spanked now is a different story altogether. I have somewhat of a say in how I am spanked, and while it is hard, it is not at the intensity that I grew up with. Under these conditions I enjoy most of the most of the spankings I get. I spend a lot of time fantasizing about how I will be spanked next. It is quite fun getting to act out your fantasies on a weekly basis.

David: What's next for you?
Jessica: I am staying busy with the website. I have almost completely taken over all the operations of my site, including the video editing. It is a lot of work but I like being in control of something that is so very personal to me. With the help of Mr. M and Miss J, I will begin releasing my own series of VHS videos and DVD's. Much of this content will come from stuff that is already on my website. I will also do a few large scale shoots a year for release only on VHS and DVD. I have already begun working on my first script and am quite excited about coming up with fun and creative ways for me and my friends to be punished.

David: Jessica, this has been a lot of fun for me. Thanks again for doing the interview. Continued success.
Jessica: Thanks for the offer! Let me know if you ever want to do another, it was fun.


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