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Roll Over, Roll Up

21 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/12/10

A simple formula, CalStar's half-length format; a very pretty brunette soaks in a bubble bath while her husband rummages for a lottery ticket--he has won on the number (he must bet the same number because he remembers it without the stub). Sophie is urged out of the tub to look for the ticket, pink and naked, sudsy bubbles clinging. It can't be found--she admits using it for a roach when she wrapped a joint.

And there is CalStar's whte sectional couch. In just a few minutes, we have an errant wife, a wet naked bottom, and the white couch--we're ready to rumble. She is going to have to roll over for having rolled up. The husband takes Sophie on the couch for a vigorous handspanking, her heavy circa '90's pubic patch flashing. Her bottom pinks and bruises immediately. She keeps her face clear of her hair.

Downstairs they go--she's bare naked--to the familiar dining room set. Over the table for the oval paddle, then up on the table, into the diaper position, very revealing, for more.

Spanked-around-the horn, into the kitchen, over the counter for the thin stiff leather spanker, which always gets squeals. Over the tall kitchen stool, way over, dunce-like, hands on the rungs. "Get those legs apart." Bruises.

Back to the tub, where she soaks her tender bottom, its red hue showing through the suds. It is difficult to overpraise bathtub scenes in CP movies. She has avoided the cane this time; her husband says he left it at the office! What looks like happened from our viewpoint--her bottom was too tender and marked up too fast to use the rattan.

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