Room 2D

Time: 20 min

A delicious naughty British schoolgirl gem, discussed lots a places. No enthusiast of the genre should pass this up. Production is weak; lighting is poor, but the spanking is perfect.

A sweet young Roue staff actress plays Lucy Palmer, who's misbehaved at choir practice and has been sent for punishment. Every choirmaster should have this authority. Lucy paces in tense silence in an empty office, waiting, listening for footsteps. She knows her bottom is about to get some attention. Her apprehensive fiddling is exquisite.

A male teacher arrives, sits at a desk, logs Lucy into the punishment book. He questions her--Lucy can barely squeak out audible replies. He explains: this is the punishment room, we smack bottoms here, and there is no point unless the bottom is "quite, quite bare." And of course this means "knickers must come down." Lucy knows this--her fear is palpable, some of the most enjoyable pre-spanking acting I can recall. She is ordered: "Come here." She comes around the desk to face him and he slowly folds up her little skirt. He plays with her panties, then ceremoniously teases them down. We see---he makes sure we see---a soft downy triangle. Lucy seems resigned, hands on head, pants at thighs.

He methodically positions her over the desk, stretching her arms to grasp the far end. A few hard smacks to a bare cheek encourages her to lift her buttocks, drop her back, and reach her arms the full length of the desk. A lovely, wicked position. He leaves her in this sexy vulnerable pose. It seems it was his task only to prepare her--her fate will be in the hands of the choirmaster. Lucy hears the men laughing in the next room as she remains stretched out, bottom-up in the cool air, waiting. Wonderful closeups.

The choirmaster enters and there is Lucy's beautiful bare bottom. Must be a nice part of his day. He berates her and lays on a few hard handspanks. She puts up a cute struggle, trying to cover her bottom with her hands. He flexes a cane and makes with the whipping noises. The most appealing aspect of this video is the camera's predilection to check Luy's facial expression at evey opportunity--we share her fear, apprehension, anticipation, tension, and then pain.

The choirmaster slowly lays on 15 increasing hard strokes, which seem to ring out. The first stroke surprises Lucy. We watch from behind, of course, but also from the front--tears come early--her wet-cheeked dimpled face in the foreground and elevated bare buttocks in the background, as the strokes fall. He holds her cheeks and saws them with the cane, gently tracing the developing weals--this simple short video has produced the sexiest of exchanges. She shivers and wiggles and desperately glances about as she tries to anticipate the timing of the next stroke. "Lets get you pretty little bottom in the air....we're not finished yet."

At the conclusion she is ordered to take off her skirt and kneel on the desk chair, facing us. It seems it is no coincidence Lucy has been caned on this, her birthday, and it is also policy the headmaster must come and inspect her, presumably naked as she is. She must kneel here until he comes along. Some reviewers found this moment gratuitous, but I loved the leisurely frontal look at the lovely, miserable, tear-streaked half-nude Lucy, being tormented by this choirmaster, and apparently the whole school staff. Who's next, sir, and what time should we be here?

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