Room at the Bottom
Time: 52 minutes
Guest Reviews by MARS posted 4/22/11

A sort of sleazy story, characteristic of the late George Harrison Marks, a sardonic combination of horny guys, naughty girls, and voyeuristic window into the CP world. Jim and his wife developed their CP addiction working as hired help on Lord Appleby's estate, where the spanking of bare bottoms was a daily pursuit.

The couple is on welfare, "DHSS," and argung over money and their inability to rent out a room in their house. She thinks Jim's a lazy bounder (which will become evident) and a sexual failure. He threatens: "You're about to get the hding of your life...like when you worked at Lord Appleby's." His wife plays along, hoping he'll get excited and she will be the beneficiary. He sends her to the bedroom to prepare for a spanking.

In a leafy suburban outdoor scene, two glamorous flighty-looking girls stop a passerby, who happens to be his Nibs George Harrison Marks in cameo, looking for Jim's house to answer the ad for room-to-let.

Back in the bedroom, the wife has stripped to transparent bikini panties and garter belt and stockings. She is expecting big doings. Jim enters and they grope and tussle. She wants sex, he wants to spank. "You bastard...you can't get it up!" On the bed on her knees, legs wide open: "Go ahead, give it to me...take me from behind...it's ready for you properly...go on.." They cavort and squirm, her pants come off, he spanks, things progress.

Jim has her fetch a paddle from under her pillow. It's actually a martinet. Surprised, she asks, "Where did you get that?" "Sent away for it, in a magazine called Kane...to get you in the mood for later." That would seem to be soon, but the doorbell rings. "Who the fucking hell is that?" says classy Jim.

Jim meets the girls at the door, brunette actress Jackie Hunt playing Jackie, and blond actress Sally as Shirley. Jim's perverted wheels are surely turning. They see the room, hear some rules, rent is agreed upon, and now there are three nubile bottoms in the house.

Time advances. We see the girls, very relaxed in very scanty dress at the kitchen table at 11:30 AM, eatiing heartily. Jim complains--they are already behind in the weekly rent, eating too much, and underfoot all day. He raises their rent to 60 pds a week.

The girls can't pay and commiserate with Jim's wife, who has joined them in her bathrobe. She explains what life was like at Appleby's--spanking and smacking all the time, for any reason. Jim likes to "play games...to lay a hand on a pretty girl's bum." You wonder why she gives her husband up like this.

In a later scene, Jackie gives Jim only 10 pds. He reminds her of the "alternative," a spanking, like the first one she got last week for insufficient rent. "Perhaps you had better get ready." She pulls her red dress over her head to expose Frederick's of Hollywood closeout underwear. "This OK?" she asks. "What happened last week happens this week," which means she has to take off her bra and panties too. Naked but for garter belt, very good moment, a heavy thatch of pubic hair setting the time of the video. Over a chair, "Down you go, bitch." It is a colorful, loud, and demonstrative spanking, but like the Kane videos of the era, more on the mild and playful side. "You're a mean bastard."

The martinet comes out. "What the hell is that?" She counts down the pounds she owes with his strokes.

Blond Shirley returns to the kitchen. Jim's wife points out: "Jackie's in there at the moment." Sounds of her cries from the next room dubbed in here would have helped. Shirley and the wife join Jackie's spanking. Shirley is ordered to strip, because she too is short rent. She slowly takes off a velvet pantsuit and is rightfully proud of what she displays. "Get your drawers off!"

Shirley puts up one of the most hyterical squawks we've heard as she is spanked on a chair, out of proportion to the intensity. Jim's wife is grabbed also, up wth her skirt, no panties, for as many whacks as Jim can get in. The scene degenerates to a general melee. Shirley pulls a 50 pd note out of her pussy and sticks it under Jim's nose, tellking him where he can put it.

The girls leave, and the wife goes with them, suddenly leaving all kinds of room at the bottom for Jim.


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