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Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening Of Innocence

Written and conceived by Rosaleen Young
Directed by Stephen English
Starring: Rosaleen Young as Rosaleen
Sarah Lewis as Aunt Elizabeth
Early Grey as himself
Review by David Pierson

When it was announced a few months ago that Rosaleen Young and Stephen English were to collaborate on a production, the project upon which they embarked immediately became one of this years most anticipated events in the world of the spanking cinema. Rosaleen Young is known world wide for her unique approach to the erotic arts. Rosaleen is a gifted actor, writer, dancer and bondage model. Her book, 'Fantasies of a Young Submissive' has made's top 100 erotic literary works. Stephen English is an artist of equal prestige. Mr. English is renowned as one of the best filmmakers in the world of Corporal Punishment erotica.

With Rosaleen Young's word and ideas and Stephen English's lovely pictures, these two artists of uncompromising vision have created one of the most unique, ambitious and erotically charged corporal punishment films ever made. 'Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence' is a treat for all of your senses. Rosaleen's story comes to life through Mr. English's visual artistry. In addition to Rosaleen Young, this piece features the noted CP actress Sarah Lewis (AKA Sally) and the debonair Earl Grey. The contributions of the supporting cast can not be overstated.

Some have claimed that this production is a "period piece". These assertions are clearly incorrect. This work is a fantasy. (A work of fiction portraying highly imaginative characters or settings that have no counterpart in the real world) As the film opens a blurry image slowly comes into sharp focus in the manner in which one emerges from or enters a dream. I will argue that we enter the latter. In many ways one can view ' The Awakening of Innocence' as a Rosaleen through the looking glass piece. What a fine 'Alice' our Rosaleen makes in this amazing, erotic production.

This work is erotically charged from the opening sequence to the closing credits. ' The Awakening of Innocence' is a fable about the sexual stirrings within the author of this piece. Rosaleen is innocence and her sexuality is awakened by suffering through a series of humiliating punishments. As the film opens, Rosaleen narrates the story as if making an entry into her diary. We are informed that our Rosaleen is an eighteen-year-old girl on school holiday who will be visiting her loving, but libertine Aunt Elizabeth as played by the glamorous Sarah Lewis. Rosaleen, the narrator, seems to have stepped forward through a porthole in time, a time in which the sun never set upon the British Empire. When we see Rosaleen her manner of dress would have been deemed highly immoral for a lass of eighteen years of age. In the time of Queen Victoria this young woman would have been corseted. So clearly this is a time out of time. It is a world the exists within the mind of the author herself. When young Rosaleen greets her loving Aunt they embrace. Elizabeth reaches down and places her hand firmly upon Rosaleen's bottom. Rosaleen is in no way disconcerted by her Aunts indiscreet behavior.

While clearly a fantasy in the classical sense of that term, Rosaleen, Sarah and the Earl all play their roles with the utmost earnestness. This is essential in bringing life to a fantasy piece.

Shortly after Rosaleen's arrival, Aunt Elizabeth noted that her young charge must be exhausted from her travels and suggests that she take a soothing, hot bath. As Rosaleen disrobes, her lascivious Aunt has taken a place outside the bathroom door and views the glorious site that is her unclothed niece. The camera gives us Aunt Elizabeth's point of view and embraces Rosaleen's lovely, dancer's body.

This intensely erotic scene becomes even more powerful when one realizes that Aunt Elizabeth is in reality Rosaleen. This is Rosaleen watching and enjoying her own body. This is not the first time that Rosaleen has played Narcissus.

"What care I if my passion for my mirror would make Narcissus himself blush with shame? What care I if I spend my time gazing hour after hour at the loveliness reflected back at me?

My breasts, firm with youth, are proud and pert. My waist and limbs are toned and slim and my back defiantly arched. But none of these features (although superb I have concluded) can compare to the sheer perfection of my favourite physical attribute."- From Rosaleen Young's short story entitled 'Vanity' to be found in her best selling book 'Fantasies of A Young Submissive'. The above is an apt description of the manner in which the camera embraces Rosaleen's naked countenance. In another part of her story Rosaleen describes her favoutite physical attribute: " I have been shamefully conceited about my bottom for as long as I can remember. One of the reasons that I went into modeling was that it gave me the chance to show off this feature, exposing its loveliness to the world."

It is through the punishment of Rosaleen's favorite attribute that innocence is awakened...sexually.

Unbeknownst to young Rosaleen, Aunt Elizabeth and her friend, Earl Grey are practitioners of the spanking arts. One day as she was passing by her Aunt's door she hears the characteristic sounds attendant to spanking activities. Intrigued, it is Rosaleen's turn to play the voyeur. As she stood dumbfounded by what she saw, Rosaleen fell against the door falling to the floor in her Aunts room. She also fell into the corrupting clutches of Elizabeth and the Earl. Feigning outrage, over young Rosaleen's transgression, Aunt Elizabeth and Earl Grey gleefully administer a series of severe punishments to Rosaleen's bottom. Initially, she is given a severe hand spanking while prostate over her Aunts knee. Rosaleen's humilation was palpable as her frilly panties were lowered, exposing her bottom to her Aunt's and her "friend's lustful gaze. Rosaleen's favorite attribute was subsequently punished by an ornate hairbrush, a birch and cane. (The last two punishments were administered to a totally naked Rosaleen) In one of the most creative spanking sequences ever filmed, Rosaleen was bent over both her Aunt's and the Earl's laps and was spanked by both of them simultaneously.

After her punishment was concluded, as she prepared herself for bed, Rosaleen carefully examined her damaged bottom in the mirror. Clearly feeling aroused by the contemplation of her humiliation and punishment.

The spankings awakened Rosaleen sexually. Innocence is awakened.

This production will be remembered as one of the classics of spanking video erotica. The wonderful story by Rosaleen Young, glamorous cast and the extraordinary film making of Stephen English make 'Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence' an erotic experience to savor.

"My long chestnut mane of hair forms a perfect frame around the elfin features of my face. My wide, emerald eyes give the illusion of childlike innocence, but if you gaze a little closer, you will see the rare and sparkling fire that betrays the mischievousness of my disposition". - Rosaleen Young

'Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence' is now available.

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