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Rough Justice

time: 26 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/17/09

This is advertised as part of "Diary of Discipline," but has a separate title and "VexFilm" designation and seems distinctly different.

Georgina, an attractive brunette with big glasses, has damaged her husband Richard's car for the fourth time, and she had been warned--the next time would earn a spanking. Another old-school CalStar male disciplinarian will preside. OTK on the bed, skirt up,very flowery panties on display. Moderate handspanking. Richard tugs at the panties. "No, Richard, no." He continues spanking, switches to a strap. Nice closeups. Richard admires the marks he has made.

A second, unrelated scene in Richard and Georgina's house. Young girls are sent on community service to do neighborhood chores. A young blonde in sweatshirt and jeans rings their bell and reports for work; she soon pilfers cash, as have her predecessors, and is caught by Richard. You get the feeling she was entrapped, because Richard can have his way. "Please don't call Community Services, sir. I want to be dealt with by you." We've said before--such complicated diction for a CP film!

He shows her CP magazines in the same night-table where she lifted the cash. She figures out what is coming--there is that little look we wait for. "Undo those jeans." In black panties, she bends over the bed for a handspanking. She must take down her panties herself--a thin flat bottom by our tainted standards, but she will earn her money to satisfy us. Closeup of sweet blue eyes. Hard spanking. "Bastard."

Jeans off completely and back over the bed for a long, floppy belt-like strap, loud and colorful because it requires a full swing. She must count out 32 strokes. she colors and bruises along the way, then is cornered, bare-bottom.

Georgina is brought back for more. Richard must be aroused. He has the cane. Skirt up, flowered panties down again. "Six strokes, Georgina." Just an average caning. Her bottom remained partially covered. The poor little community service girl, standing there waiting, having replaced her pants, probably thinking she was done, is called forward, bent over, legs locked, bottom high, for 5 on pants and 7 more on the bare. Love these little blackmail spankings.

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