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Royal Flush

Strictly English
year: 2003
time: 1:07

innocuous romp featuring experienced CP actors, all busily producutive
in this era. Rebekah Jordan as Tara and Suzi Martell as Michelle can
take extensive punishment without respite.
Three men and Suzi play poker. Rebekah comes home late and is jumped by her Uncle Tony, one of the great ageplay geezers in the Strictly English cast and a relentless no-excuses spanker. Poor Rebekah, OTK, hard spanking on her black lace panties while the other three card players watch, amused. Suzi consoles Rebekah, her boobs popping out of her dress. You can tell she won't be on her feet too much longer.
A week later, the scene is repeated. Cute blond showgirl-stylish Rebekah is late again and is spanked on pink panties, which are pulled down this time. Card players observe; a mirror helps with facials. Rebekah's bottom takes on a royal flush from a long and studied smacking. She is made to stand and pose her bare bottom while the game continues.
Suzi wins a big hand and Uncle Tony takes a break to cane Rebekah a half-dozen times. 'Arthur,' a card player, and another Strictly English major stockholder, discovers Suzi with a hidden card stash. Now she can be spanked--the full deck is found in her garter when she goes OTK. Not very clever, but she is a squirming lapful.
The discipline continues in an adjacent room, with Uncle Tony, Arthur, and 'Bob,' the fourth poker player. The men alternate and rotate the girls until both bottoms resemble russet apples.
Uncle Tony finally brandishes the cane. The girls receive alternating doses, in different positions, and for differing degrees of insolence and disobedisence, from the three men. The strokes accrue--Suzi gets 50 and Rebekah about 30. One glamorous long-legged bare-bottomed girl is kept in view while the other is being stroked. Rebekah in spike heels with no pants makes a memorable sight.
Suzi is the naughty and brave one, her body begging to come out of her skimpy little dress. The royal flushes are trimmed with white stripes.

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