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Rude Awakening

38 Mintues
Guest Review by MARS posted 12/11/10

"John," one of the classic ageplay spankers, plays a businessman returning home from a trip early. His housekeeper, the acress Emma Brown, is caught by surprise, asleep in just panties on his bed, after a night of revelry in his house. After we got our blood pressure back to normal after imagining a housekeeper who looked like Emma, we pressed on.

Emma, rudely awakened (unless you think sleeping in your employer's bed in just scanties is OK), is shocked and scrambles to cover up and apologize, but "You're still in for a severe punishment." He smacks her pantied bottom on the bed, wrestles her into the diaper position for more, before we watch her dress--a nudie scene-- while John plans the full spanking he intends.

Now dressed, Emma is taken OTK for the full formal spanking process to begin. Her mini skirt thrown up, he spanks on her pretty semi-transparent decorative white pants with a pink plaid gusset. Salute Strictly English for providing such sweet knickers for a model already stunning. And another simple but professional addition to the spanking scene--Emma's face is reflected in a floor-length mirror while her bottom occupies the foreground. Emma's tattoo on her left cheek is seen through the cloth.

The house is a mess--every room. Emma is going to get spanked through the rooms. A great concept. In the kitchen, what's this? Emma ruined John's clotheswasher and bought a new one on his account. So, Emma will be required to--it dawns on her face--take off all her clothes and wash them here and now (we suspend disbelief about combining lights and darks--we've gotten spanked for doing that.). Another cute nudie scene, clearly a specialty of hers, as she strips to the buff and John just stands there.

Poor Emma, she didn't buy the dryer component, so she has to pull on wet panties, setting up that scenario. Emma does about a cunning a job as we've seen at pulling on the cold wet pants. Over the counter top, handspanking. "Your red bottom shines through your pants." He grabs a wood spoon, does his number, then tugs the pants down for more. Strictly English shoots some of this scene from outside the kitchen window but the reflection is distorted.

Emma runs upstairs, embarrassed--the camera follows her tush, ncely. We love staircases and mantelpieces in British productions. John follows, slaps her bottom on her bed. Wet pants down for the slipper. He's happy--"red, red bottom."

Next the bathroom, also a disaster. Emma cleans it, asks to take a bath, and we get another sweet nudie scene as she strips , excellent buttocks shots. John bursts in, Emma is shocked. She must stand in the tub--"you can face away from me." He spanks her wet sudsy bottom with a long-handled bath brush which could ring bells, but he is gentle.

Emma is directed to put on her pajamas and report downstairs, so we can expect the proper ending. Pink silk pajamas, and here in another room, the wall has been defaced! John shows Emma his cane and asks her what she thinks he is going to do with it. "From today's experience, I'd say you're going to put it across my bottom."

Handspanking the pink PJ bottoms down, tush full-screen, Emma's charms on display. "Ever had the cane?" "No."

She straddles an exercise bench and receives only six strokes, bottom filling the screen. She is sent to bed, pulling up her pants as she goes off-screen. Excellent job, multiple settings, perfect sound and lighting, and perfect Emma. Her spankings make you want to see if that tattoo can be burned off.

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