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Rudely Interrupted

Starring: Courtney Chambers
Julie Simone
Director by: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

Have you ever watched a girl-girl video and thought the wrong character is the spanker and the other person would be a better spankee? Well with Chelsea Pfeiffer videos, that's no problem. In all of her videos, each girl will get a chance to spend some time in both positions. I am really a fan of Ms. Pfeiffer's productions. She has created a style and a feel all of her own. Pfeiffer's girl-girl videos, have a touch of domestic discipline, a comical touch that's reminiscent of the movies of the 50's and early 60's and some of the best camera work in the genre.

In Rudely Interrupted, Courtney and Julie are sitting at the breakfast table. While Julie is trying to read, Courtney is blabbing on and on about something that's she's reading in the newspaper. Having had enough, Julie pulls Courtney over her knee. The scene is photographed well. There are several great angles of the spanking. During the scene, Courtney is spanked on the seat of her jeans, on her panties and finally, on her bare posterior.

In the next episode, Courtney spanks Julie for booking the girls on a cheap vacation. The scene is shot well, Julie is spanked on the seat of her skirt, her underwear and on the bare. The only difference is Courtney uses a hairbrush to get her point across.

I like Chelsea tapes. She shows a true passion for her vision of the spanking video. For her, it's all about pretty girls, great camera angles and a good sense of humor. With some company's videos, you buy a spanking tape and get a torture or erotic production. With Chelsea Pfeiffer productions, what you buy is what you get. She has created her own brand of video. Pfeiffer seems to like, well produced, girl-girl spanking scenes and it's a very entertaining style.

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