Russian Discipline #4

40 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/4/08

No need to repeat details on atrocious production techniques, confusing sequences, etc. The Russians have great ideas, pretty girls, the guys get great pleasure in bruning up bottoms, but their methods are impossible to fathom.

We thought this might be a preview tape. The first section is "Hands of Inquisition," where a hooded Inquisitor rips the clothes off a buxom blonde, who is then tormented nude on a table with needles and floggers, front and back.

The second section may be the feature: "Interrogation in the KGB." Another blonde is being questioned by an officer and is very upset. Sshe undresses and we cut to her bound in just a slip, where she gets the tawse on bare feet and bottom. Another bad seque and she's being wrestled with on the floor--is this supposed to be a rape? Makes no sense but there is no need to follow this. Now bound kneeling on a chair for more spanking ad whipping with a belt. She does some legitimate crying here; that and her spotlit bottom are the only good moments. Back crawling on the floor, slip gone, camisole pushed up, being flogged. Suddenly on the table for more of the flogger. Story just ends. We're dizzy.

A third segment, about 20 minutes long, is called inexplicably "Abuse on the Border." A nude girl is fastened kneeling in a throne-like chair, being flogged and paddled. Very floggable body, at least that's a plus. She's then paddled on the upper back! Cut to: she's strung up and being flogged by a schoolgirl who seems to have wandered in from somewhere. Then it's the bastinado on one foot whuile trying to stand on the other. Back over the throne for wood paddles, including a heavy one with holes, but the strokes are silly.

Several more flogging positions--on the rack, and kneeling with arms spread and strapped to boards, for flogging, paddling, breast torment, and pussy whipping. We're taking a rest from Nettles.

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