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Raven Hill recently announced the sale of 10 spanking/discipline videos that they obtained from Russia. They sent out the information via their new video letters that periodically go out, but I haven't seen anything posted to their website as of yet. Probably soon. Anyway, I have seen Vol 3 and 4 and can tell you these are some severe tape. This is the real deal, no faking here. They are all in Russian, so I don't know what they are actually saying, but you can sort of get the idea of what is going on. Vol 3 starts off with a blonde sitting in a chair. She is wearing a dark top with a black skirt and has her hands handcuffed behind her. The fellow who is wearing a police type uniform, slaps her face a few times making the girl whimper. She stand up removing her skirt and is wearing a white thong. She is taken over the knee for a lengthy and hard hand spanking. She thong comes down and more hand spanking. She stands up and removes the thong. She is placed in the prone position on some type of punishment table. Her hands and feet are secured to the table and she is given the belt. Many different angles, including between the legs. Very hard strokes. She is now flipped over so she is on her back. Her legs are strung up above her so she is in a diaper changing type position. She is then given more of the strap. Now she is stood up and has her hands secured above her head, and is actually lifted off the ground by her arms. She is whipped while she dangles from the hand harnesses and is then let down just enough so her feet touch the ground and is whipped some more. Then, her hand is handcuffed to her foot, so the bottom of her foot is facing back. The guard then uses the strap on the bottom of her foot. The same is done for the other foot (obviously not at the same time, since she is still standing). She is then bent over a table and paddled severely. If that wasn't enough, he then brings out the cane for a few rounds of that. Very severe punishment. The next section of the tape is the first part of a scene, where the 2nd part is finished on Vol 4. With that said. the scene opens with a brunette with short hair entering the room. Looks to be a customs setting. First the female guard goes through her luggage and then makes her remove her light colored dress. She examines the dress and then has her remove her white bra and white panties. The brunette is then made to bend over and spread her cheeks while the guard examines her butthole with a flashlight. Gets better. She is then seated in a large metal chair and made to sit back and spread her legs. The guard spreads her pussy and shines a flashlight inside. If that isn't enough for you, she is then made to pee in a cup. She is then given her dress to put back on and is taken over the knee and spanked by the guard, first by hand, then by a small paddle. This ends Vol 3, but this scene is continued in part 4. The video runs about 50 minutes long.

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