Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active, although hard to say how often it is being updated as the first line says "The year 2008 starts with". I don't visit this site often, so can't say how old the cover material is. Cost of membership is $40.88 USD/29.95 EUR for 30 days.

Guest Review by Ronald Scott posted 12/12/08

I recently came upon a new spanking/caning/whipping site and found it has EXCELLENT content. This new site is an outgrowth of the site but has better material than the older site.

The main virtues of this site are the quality of the girls who are both cuter and younger than most of the other spanking sites. In addition the main dom, a handsome muscular (and somewhat cruel) man has more charisma than most of the doms on the spanking scene (who I find rather boring in comparison). The punishments dished out are fairly severe but not as severe as some other sites (Mood and Kshara for example).

The scenarios have great variety in plot and also in types of punishment (although laying the girl on a wooden bench and lashing her ass with a cane or rope is used much of the time). Also scenes of girls slowly undressing and then facing the camera naked with their hands behind their heads often occur; I rather enjoy these scenes and find them either missing or being rushed thru on other spanking sites.

A quick idea of the type of material and the beauty of the girls can be seen by going to and scrolling up and down thru the photos (one per each full length video). A much better idea of the material but especially the exceptional beauty of the models can be seen by clicking the full video photo and going to the HUGE amount of preview material available for each title (one preview video and a very large number of hi-res photos).

All videos shown are grouped into full length spanking videos but they are released as shorter video clips ranging in length from 2 to 3 minutes in length. When the video is complete, a full-length single video (30 - 45 minutes long) is also posted as is the practice at other spanking sites. So far there are a total of 17 full-length videos available as well as one partially complete one.

The video clips are in Windows Media format with a size of 720 x 480 pixels (earlier material) to 720X576 pixels (latest material) and have 1000 Kbit/sec quality (earlier material) to a **HIGH** 1341 Kbit/sec quality (latest material) and can easily be viewed full screen if one gets back a couple of feet from the monitor. These are among the highest resolutions available in the spanking website world and are similar to resolutions now available at the Girls Boarding School site.

Membership in the Russian-Discipline site is 29.95 EUR (37.93 USD) per month OR 59.95 EUR (75.92 USD) for 90 days OR 99.95 EUR (126.59 USD) for 180 days. (USD rates are at current exchange rates which change rapidly these days). These are high (possibly the highest rates) in the spanking site world but, in my opinion, is justified by the quality and amount of the available content. Also a membership entitles one to view or download ALL the available material with no restrictions unlike some other sites ( which restricts daily downloads and the otherwise excellent site which allows only a fairly small portion of all their content to members (with the rest having to be paid for separately).

Members receive regular updates, usually about 3 new video clips per week.

If you check this site out, I think you will be as impressed as I am.

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