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Guest Review Submitted by Ronald Scott

UPDATE 3/15/2004 (also submitted by Ronald Scott)

Since the review below was published, a site feature has been added that makes finding a particular title and its information very easy. Just select Movie Collection at the top of the home page and then select Quick Find at the upper left of the next page. An alphabetical listing of all titles appears showing the various media (PLAY (i.e. online), VHS tape, or DVD) that the title is available in. Then select any of the media and a window pops up with scene shots, preview clips, plot descriptions, and various ways of ordering.

The price for watching a Russian Slave title online has been increased from $5.95 to $12.95 for Premium Members and from $7.95 to $14.95 for Basic Members. Prices for the Russian Discipline Series are $2 less than the Russian Slave series. However, remember each Premium Membership $19.95 payment includes one FREE online video. And about every three months you will receive a free online video code if you join the site email list.

Three of their more recent releases are now available on DVD and more will probably be added. The DVD's are available in NTSC format; I don't know if PAL format is available.

Also they soon plan to add DVoD's for some recent titles. This will allow either Download of a large file with DVD quality resolution OR being sent a DVoD in the mail with similar on-screen resolution. Please note that DVoD's are only playable on a PC's DVD drive, not on your TV's DVD player. And that you must enter a code to show you are currently a Premium member to play these DVD quality files on your PC. I am not sure if DVoD's or large download files will be available to Basic Members (who pay no monthly charge and can only watch an online video for 24 hours after payment).

This site is somewhat unique in that it allows members to watch most of the site's full-length videos online. On most sites, one must purchase the VHS tape or DVD to watch a full-length video. In addition, some of the releases feature very pretty models receiving severe punishments; however the camera work and direction are sometimes haphazard.

All content is created for this site and is in Russian with English subtitles. In addition to the videos, which are typically 30-50 minutes long, there are photos, scene shots, and descriptions for all videos. Online videos also have 3-4 minute extended preview clips (a few early releases have a 1 min. preview). It is important to note that the site software prevents downloads of either photos or videos to your PC's disk; you can only view content when you are logged in as a member.

There are currently 26 videos available both online and on tape and 11 more only available on VHS tape. Updates are every 2-4 weeks and 1-2 videos are added each month. Videos require the latest version of RealOne Player (which is available free online) and come up in a standard size Real Player window (approx. 350x225 pixels). However, if the viewing window is expanded to almost double size (approx. 630x400), the resolution holds up if you watch about two feet from the screen, which is reasonable for this size window. The streaming video performance with a high-speed connection (Cable or DSL) is usually excellent. There is about a 10-15 second delay before the video begins and no delays while playing. One can jump forward or backward and there is usually no delay in play; however, on a few occasions I have seen significant delays while jumping around.

There are two groups of photos from the videos. The photo gallery images (from all the videos) appear in an approx. 500x250 window and the scene shots (specific to each video) appear in an approx. 400x225 window. These photo resolutions are less than those available on other top spanking sites but are still quite useable

There are two membership types available: Basic (free) and Premium ($19.95 for 30 days, no rebilling). However, in my experience the site does not actually cancel your Premium Membership for approximately 60 days, which means it really costs $10/month. Whether they will keep extending this "courtesy" to Premium Members in the future is unknown. Basic Membership allows you limited access including watching the on-line videos for $7.95 each for one day only, and viewing the descriptions and scene shots for each video. Premium Membership adds one free online video for each $19.95 payment; other online videos are $5.95 each. Also free and paid videos can be watched forever (not just for 24 hours) as long as you are a Premium Member at the time of watching. Also Premium Members can watch the 3-4 minute extended preview clips and view the photo gallery. Finally all members on the site e-mail list get mailed another free video "code" about once every 4 months. is not the easiest site to navigate around. As all titles begin with the letter R, the alphabet at the top is useless to quickly find a title. All already paid or free videos are entered in the selectable Favorites list and can be quickly restarted. The 12 most recent releases are also easy to find. For others one must go sequentially thru anywhere from 1-8 pages to find the title you want. Also the default order of the Photo Gallery is to display the photos in random order. To group them by video title, you need to select New Photos (which in fact orders all the photos, new or old). On the other hand, once you find the video you are looking for, a window pops up with all the various options you want (preview clip, description, scene shots, play) conveniently arranged.

All in all I consider this site a good buy because of the often excellent content and the ability to watch full-length videos online in a reasonable size window. Also the 3-4 minute preview clips are long enough to be considered content in their own right. I have especially enjoyed the Russian Slaves # 2, 6, 9, 16 and 23 videos. And there are surely other good ones I have not had time to watch.

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