Russian Slaves #16

Part 1: Whipping in Bath House Part 2: School Fighting
Nettles Productions (2001)
Running Time: 40 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

Russian Slaves #16 features two sensational blonds in different sections of this release as well as an exotic Euro-Asian girl. It also features a wonderfully erotic lesbian sequence, and a variety of fairly severe punishments.

Three cute girls are confronted by a man and a woman for refusing requests for sex from clients at the bathhouse; apparently the patrons receive more than baths there. The blond (Lena) strips to the waist and stands with her hands behind her head in a nicely erotic sequence. The middle black hair (Vanya) is also told to strip and has a very nice figure.

The man decrees 24 strokes of the cane for each girl. Lena removes her skirt and begins to break down and beg for forgiveness. The man replies "No way, bitch. You will be whipped." She then tries unsuccessfully to cover herself with her discarded skirt in a pro-longed erotic sequence. She lays down on a wooden bench and continues sobbing and begging. Her great figure, well-displayed on the bench, is hard to take your eyes off.

After each welt, she puts her hand back to protect herself and cries out. At the end she says "please, please, I'll be a good girl". She is told she must obey all client requests for sex and she refuses again. More caning follows with some exceptional face close-ups of the suffering girl. The contrast between the band of red welts on her ass and her slim delicate figure is quite erotic. This is one of the top caning scenes I have seen this year.

Unfortunately the jerky camera work, and subtitles that are so large they cover some of the action detract from the overall effect. Next Vanya, who has a great figure and a very pretty face, bends over the man's lap to be spanked; her ass already exhibits cane welts from a previous punishment. Every 5 seconds he gives her a hard slap across her cane welts; she immediately begins crying out and jerking. Soon her ass reddens further. Her face close-ups, however, are not as stimulating to this viewer as during Lena's caning.

Next we are in a different room with a pool table and the same handsome man tells the Euro-asian girl to strip. She has a drop-dead sensational figure. There is a prolonged memorable sequence with her standing stiffly pressed against the wall while the camera shows different views of her great figure. Her face is not pretty in a classical sense but is quite exotic.

He decrees 40 welts with the strap. She bends over the pool table but at first keeps standing up and saying she can't stand it. Unfortunately her face shows little reaction to the long hard strapping and the contrasty lighting and overly slow pace detract from what started as a promising sequence.

Next Part 2, School Fighting, begins. A brunette haired teacher is in a classroom with a student. She gives the girl an equation to solve. The teacher is quite sexy; I wish I had teachers like this when I was in school ! She slowly begins to remove the clothes of the short-haired blond student. The blond, who has an unusual face and an extraordinary figure, obviously approves. The teacher slowly strips the girl to her panties and caresses her in a very erotic sequence. Next the blond slowly undresses the teacher who twirls around to show off her own great figure. Then the gorgeous blond is worshipped by the sexy teacher with slowly caressing hands. Viewers with weak hearts should not watch this sequence.

Unfortunately all good things must end and another teacher (the Euro-asian girl from Part 1) stumbles upon this lovely scene and says she will tell the principal that the teacher has seduced a student. The brunette teacher says the accusing teacher tried to seduce the same blond student last week. To settle the dispute they have a long drawn out "cat-fight" in which the brunette manages to get most of the other teacher's clothes off. Unfortunately, cat-fights don't appeal to me but other viewers might be fascinated by this sequence.

The bond student now leads the principal in who is played by the same handsome man in Part 1. He forces the now naked red-faced teachers to stand against the wall with their hands behind their heads in a stimulating scene. Then Selina, the brunette, receives 21 belt strokes for fighting. She remains insolent thru-out while I would have preferred a more submissive demeanor. Then the Euro-asian girl gets 40 strokes starting with a paddle and finishing with the strap. However, these last two punishments are not as interesting as the preceding parts of this feature.

Overall I rate this video 9.25 out of 10 for the punishment of the blond in Part 1 and the sensational blond girl in Part 2's lesbian sequence; these sequences stand out from other material I have seen this year. Had the rest of the video been on the same level, it would have scored even higher.

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