Russian Slaves #2

Produced and Directed by Nettles Corporation
Starring San Sanich, Potapova, Karpova and Masha
Russian with English Subtitles
Running Time 27 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

This excellent video shows three very cute Russian teenage girls, two brunettes and a blond, punished in a wide variety of ways by a strict no-nonsense high school teacher. It stands out from other videos with a similar plot because of the girls' appearance, submissive demeanor, and acting ability. Although it only runs 27 minutes, these minutes contain some beautifully erotic scenes.

As the video begins the three girls are goofing off and laughing. Then San Sanich, the teacher, arrives; he is a handsome man with a stern demeanor. Although he makes a good "dom", it would improve the movie further if he had more acting range.

The girls now stand at attention with their hands behind them and we see that the blond especially has a wonderful figure. The shorthaired brunette, Potapova, has not cleaned up her desk area, and the teacher gets the ruler. She whimpers a bit in fearful anticipation. She is forced to hold out her palms and gets them hit with the ruler about 25 times. The other girls watch in fearful silence as she cries out after each blow. The teacher then tests her on mathematics and she makes more mistakes. For this she is bent over a table, her panties are pulled down revealing a beautiful ass, and she receives 20 lashes with a belt while the other two girls hold her hands down.

The impact of the above sequences (and the video as a whole) is somewhat diminished by poor camera work which has too many long-shots when it should come closer in or stays with one view for a couple of minutes when it should change views. For example, the view of the girls' beautiful legs under the classroom tables is maintained longer than necessary.

Next Karpova, the other brunette, fails on her mathematics questions. The teacher orders her to undress for punishment; she falls to her knees and briefly begs for mercy. Meeting with San Sanich's stern refusal, she slowly and modestly removes her clothes in a wonderfully erotic sequence. Soon we see her small but beautiful breasts and a delicious willowy figure; she attempts to cover herself with her arms in embarrassment. She is forced to kneel naked on the table and the teacher wacks her soles with the ruler two dozen times. Then he canes her ass creating a nice pattern of red lines. When the camera moves from behind to her side and then her face the scene reaches a peak with her anguished cries and facial expressions.

Next a female teacher arrives and accuses Masha, the blond, of smoking in the bathroom. She is forced to immediately strip for punishment in a scene with rising erotic tension. She tries briefly to cover her beautiful breasts in humiliation. She then lays on a table for 36 hard spanks on her beautiful ass. She is forced to count out the blows and her voice's rising level of suffering adds to the impact of this scene. By the end her ass is red all over.

Throughout the two girls not being punished are ordered to bring the ruler or cane and then to hold down their unfortunate classmate. Their obvious discomfort in doing this enhances the atmosphere of this video.

The video ends with a separate four-minute sequence in which the teacher that accused Masha is whacked with a long ruler on her ass twenty times for raping a student in the bathroom. This adds little to the preceding action.

Despite the so-so camera work, the sequences with Karpova and Masha make this a truly outstanding video. I give this a 9 out of 10 for those with a taste for severe punishment and submissive girls.

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