Russian Slaves #22

Reviewed by: John O'Connell

The video opens with two blondes and a brunette entering an office. They are all wearing white button down shirts with plaid schoolgirl skirts. They speak to the head of a sorority and express their desire to join that entity. In order to become a member of the "Blue Eagles", they must first bare their bottoms and endure fifteen hard strokes with a heavy paddle. Each girl is asked why they want to join this sorority and if they are willing to accept the test. After giving their answer and stating that they will accept the test, they are told to return the next evening. The girls leave and then are shown reentering. It is important to note that although the video includes English subtitles, that there if often something lost in the translation. However, this is better than having no idea what is being said. The sorority leader explains that if the paddling becomes too much, then they may yell out "Give Me Mercy!!" and the punishment will stop. The consequence is that they will not be allowed into the sorority and will not be given a second chance. They are also informed that following the paddling, they will receive 8 strokes with a whip on the heels of their feet. The sorority leader reads an oath in which the girls must recite and then the punishment begins.

First, the blonde with her hair in a ponytail steps forward and is bent over a table. The other girls hold down her wrists while the sorority leader lifts up the prospect's skirt and pulls down her white thong. The sorority leader brings forth a very large and heavy black paddle and asks the blonde candidate if she is sure that she wants to proceed. After indicating that she does, the first swat is delivered. It doesn't take long before our young candidate is screaming after each swat and her bottom begins to turn a bright and then dark shade of red. The punisher frequently asks the young pledge if she's had enough and wants to quit, but each time she denies wanting the punishment to continue. After each swat, you actually notice the bruises develop on her poor behind. After fifteen swats, the pledge is made to kneel on the couch with her skirt up and panties down and wait for the others to finish.

The blonde with the pigtails is next. She is made to lay down on the table in the same fashion as the first girl while the brunette holds down her wrists. Her skirt is raised and white thong is lowered, exposing her bare bottom. Again, she is asked if she wants to change her mind and of course she does not. The swat of the paddle produce quite a response from this young lady, she screams and wails as the paddle lands forcefully on her exposed hind quarters. Periodically, she is also asked if she wishes to call it quits, and she bravely denies. The paddling continues until it reaches fifteen swats, which by that time she is now hyperventilating. She is made to join the other blonde on the couch, kneeling with her skirt up, panties down, and hands behind her head.

Last, but not least, is the brunette. Since there is no one left to hold down her wrists, the sorority leader ties them to the table with rope. Her plaid skirt is raised and her white briefs are lowered, exposing her tender bottom. This girl has the worst reaction out of all three. She almost immediately beings yelling and screaming. She kicks, much to the dismay of the sorority leader, and actually ends up lying flat on the table. At one point the sorority leader gets into this young lady's face and tells her that she should just quit. Despite the pain and humiliation, she hangs in there and more swats are given. By the time the paddling is over, the girl is left crying and has a severely bruised bottom. The sorority leader congratulates them on passing the first part of the test and instructs the brunette to join her friends on the couch. She makes the stay in that position for forty minutes and then returns for the second part of the test.

The girls are made to stand with their hands on their heads and one by one is told to remove their socks and shoes. The blonde girl with the pony tail goes first, followed by the blonde with the pigtails and finally the brunette. They lay on their stomachs and raise their feet into their air, where the sorority leader strikes the heels of their feet with a strap. The first blonde does very well with this and doesn't seem to let out too much emotion. The second blonde does yell somewhat and moves her feet around, which only annoys the sorority leader. Finally, the brunette does not like this portion of the program what so ever and moves her feet constantly while crying and screaming. They all pass and are allowed to enter the sorority.

All in all this isn't a bad video. The girls are cute and the punishment is pretty hard, even though they only get fifteen swats. The picture and sound quality is average and the running time is roughly forty minutes.

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