Russian Slaves #23

Produced and Directed by Nettles Corporation
Russian with English Subtitles
Reviewed by John O'Connell

Russian Slaves 23 is a tale of two young women caught in a moment of lesbian love. A pretty brown haired girl and a pretty blonde are making out on the couch, touching each other in special places when a mean red headed woman storms into the room breaking up their interlude. (Damn!) This woman looks to be the devil in disguise, she has got a puss on her face that would make any man run in the opposite direction. The brown haired girl is tied to a coffee table so that she is completely flat along it. Her blonde friend is made to watch as the red headed baddie just goes insane with a rattan. She just obliterates this poor girl's bottom. I lost count of how many strokes she gave, but it was up around 50. And they weren't light little taps either. Several times I thought the curtain rod on my window snapped the sound was so crisp and loud. It didn't take long for our poor lady lover to be brought to tears. In fact, she cried and screamed throughout the whole ordeal. She pulls on the ropes and at one point actually bit her own arm. For what purpose, I'm not sure, but she did it. Two camera angles are used in the segment, one focusing on the action with the other showing the girl's face. As with several other Nettles films, there are some great facial shots in this video. The red head kept laying it on, shot after shot, until finally she called it a day. The brunette is made to kneel on the couch with her hands on her head. The next part is a bit of a let down, as I had presumed the blonde would get the same treatment. However, the red head ordered her to lay on the coffee table face up. I thought, OK, where's she going with this. Out come a whole bunch of clothes pins. This next part borders on the strange and bizarre. The red head then proceeds to place the clothes pins on the blondes tits and nether regions. Although she winced a few times, this didn't seem to bother her all that much. When finished with her clothes pin tick tack toe, she then tapped them a few times each. Nothing really hard, just enough to get the blondes attention. Then the film ends. That's all folks.

The first part was without a doubt a severe canning that should keep all of you hard canning types satisfied. Both girls were cute, but I was kind of shocked to see the blonde wasn't spanked or canned herself. Other than her moving around naked, we didn't really get to enjoy her buttocks that much. Oh well, such is life in the big city. Sound and video quality are average, running time around 35-40 minutes.

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