Russian Slaves #26

Reviewed by: John O'Connell

Russian Slaves #26 is a two part video that features two different story lines. In the first part, two young ladies come home late after being out all night. The father, whom incidentally doesn't look much older than the girls, is not pleased and demands an explanation. They try to explain that they went to their friend's house only for a few minutes and ended up staying a lot later somewhat unintentionally. He wants to hear more, but only after the blonde, Tanya, is ordered to lower her black jeans and black panties. She stands between his knees and faces him while he slaps her bare bottom. I have to say, I've seen many girls spanked standing up, but I can't recall any of them being spanking in this fashion. It also appeared as though he enjoyed looking at her shaved pubic area. He continues to spank her as she explains how they played strip spin the bottle and how both of them ended up naked. She the let out that there were boys present and that they also played for kisses. This does not set well with him and he orders her to strip naked. After removing her clothing, she is made to lay across his lap where he continues the hand spanking. After a few moments, she begs him to stop and surprisingly he does. She is allowed up and he then addresses Luda.

Luda is made to lower her red pants and white panties and is spanked standing up in the same fashion Tanya was. He smacks her bottom hard while asking for more information on the evening. Luda explains that the other girl's father came home and was quite upset that they were naked. The boys had stolen the girls' clothes and he was irate that his daughter allowed this to happen. When asked what happened next, she explained that the girl's father belted her until she bled. After a few more slaps, the father decides that Luda should suffer the same punishment. He has her remove her pants and panties completely and then lie down on a table, where he then bounds her hands and feet with rope. He removes his belt and has her count out each swat. He repeatedly strikes her bottom with the belt, leaving a giant red stripe across her bottom. The belting did not appear to phase Luda that much, but was still fun to watch. After nearly sixty swats, the belting was over and the two girls were made to kneel on the table. This concluded the first portion of the tape.

Part two is set in an old school in Russia. The councilor enters the headmaster's chambers and explains that eight girls have been disobedient and that she is requesting that they be punished. The headmaster is surprised at the number of girls and is further disappointed to learn that the charges vary from doing poorly in their studies to smoking cigarettes. After some discussion, he decides that the three most serious offenders should be punished that day and the other five shall wait until Friday. He dismisses the councilor and the scene shifts to the three brunettes discussing their impending punishment. They talk about how painful the "whip" is and are then interrupted by the councilor calling them to enter the room. The immediately respond to the dispatch and enter the room where the councilor is waiting to chastise them.

The first girl, who had not been punished before, will receive 33 strokes of the birch, while the other two will receive 48 a piece. Sort of struck me as an odd number of strokes. The first girl is made to pull down her nylons and undergarments and lay flat on the table. The strokes are given quickly and mercilessly. The councilor pulls her arm all the way back for each stroke and delivers them with force. The young perpetrator yelps in pain after each stroke. Before long, her bottom is bruised and striped and she is promising never to get in trouble again. The second brunette then bares her bottom and assumes the same position. Once again, the councilor fires at will, unleashing a sea of pain onto this girl's bare flesh. She does not stop her rain of strokes until she has reached forty eight and the young lass is left sobbing. Finally the last girl takes her place on the table, bottom bared for the fury of the birch. Just as before, the councilor shows no mercy on this young woman's bottom and unleashes a salvo of strokes with the birch. She too ends up sobbing by the time the forty eighth stroke is delivered and her bottom is a bruised and battered mess. The girls are then dismissed and warned that the next time they are caught doing wrong, they will be expelled.

Not a bad video at all. Some of the subtitles do get lost in the translation, but the girls are cute and the punishment is pretty hard. Video and sound quality is good and running time is around 40 minutes.

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