Russian Slaves #31

Produced and Directed by Nettles Corporation
Russian with English Subtitles
Reviewed by John O'Connell

I've seen a bunch of vids from the Russian Slaves series, but this was my first that was on DVD. I have to say, they did a nice job with the packaging (in terms of what's on the DVD). In addition to the feature film, there is a photo gallery, previews of already released productions, and coming attractions. Plus, you are able to select individual scenes if you so desire. This particular adventure is about 3 young schoolgirls that have become lazy in their efforts, causing them to lose a competition. This has greatly upset their coach/teacher as she has now lost out on a bonus that she would have been given had her students placed first. She tells them they must be punished. Naturally, they beg and plead saying they will work harder in the future. The teacher just tells them that they most certainly will work harder in the future AND be punished. The three are ordered to change out of their plaid school girl uniforms and into their gym clothes, which consists of black tops and shorts. The girl with the light brown hair forgot her shorts and has to remain in her skirt, which surely will not sit well with the already displeased instructor. The teacher returns and is none to pleased about the young lady forgetting her shorts and is told remove the skirt and consider her panties her gym shorts. Since none of them brought their sneakers, they must be punished in bare feet. In case you're wondering, the first part of the punishment includes exercises. The three are made to walk to the far side of the room and stretch out. The do leg stretches for a few moments before being ordered to remove their shorts and panties (or just panties in the case of the middle girl). The plead once again not to be punished, but the instructor has no interest in listening to them.

The three are instructed to form a line and start off with jumping jacks. This is without a doubt the worst rendition of this exercise I have ever seen. One girl doesn't even scissor her legs. The instructor seems to agree with me as she makes a few comments. They are then ordered to remove their tops and run around in a circle. Around and around they go until being ordered to a halt. Squats are the next and we are treated to both front and back views of this, as half way through she orders the group to turn around. Then, while in the squat position, they are told they must walk around. I've seen people crab walk before, but not naked. The final portion of the exercise program is deep knee bends. These are also shown from both the front and back view. I have to say this section was quite entertaining. I frankly don't think there is enough use of naked exercise as punishment. Think about it, how many times to do see your girlfriend, wife, or even just someone at the gym exercising and wonder what that would look like if they were naked?

Anyway, on to the second part of the punishment. The thin petite brunette is first. Two chairs are placed back to back and she is made to kneel on the seat of one chair, while placing her hands on the seat of the other. The teacher lets thirty strokes fly, causing this poor woman's bottom to turn a deep shade of red. The pretty tattooed girl is next. Made to assume the same position, she is forced to endure somewhere around thirty five strokes. This tough appearing individual breaks down after only a few strokes and cries for a good deal of the punishment. Finally the last girl is brought forward and is made to endure somewhere in the neighborhood of forty strokes. She too cries her eyes out and her bottom is turned into flesh flambé'.

I enjoyed this video. I thought the exercise punishment was great and the canning was rather severe. The girls were cute and the extras on the DVD are a nice touch. The video and sound quality is DVD grade and the film lasts roughly 40 or so minutes.

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