Russian Slaves #59

Nettles Productions (2009)
Galina Semenovno Limonova
Nadezda Dozorova
Nadezda Velikanova
Olga Gavrilenko
Leonid Zubatin
Running Time: 52 Minutes
Reviewed by John O'Connell on 10/30/09

The story for this video takes place in Russia and is about 3 prostitutes that find themselves in trouble with a special police task group for a variety of offenses. The girls are in their apartment when the police burst in. Before I go further, I must give my usual Russian Slaves warning about the subtitles. Many times they are off in their translation, or at times, just don't make sense at all. It would be nice if there was an option to play the video without subtitles as sometimes it's better to just figure out on your own what is happening rather than have the incorrect subtitles displayed and in the way. Anyway, moving right along, after several minutes of the girls talking, the police burst in and confront the girls in a rather violent way. They are thrown to the floor and ordered to lay flat on their stomachs while the officer yells. Then they are ordered back to their feet where the officer then begins to remove the jeans and panties of each of the three girls, making sure to examine their pussies in the process. The two men fondle the girls breasts and rub them all over, to which one of the girls actually seems to enjoy it.

After being made to strip naked, the girls kneel on the floor with their hands clasped at the back of their heads. They are then interviewed and interrogated by the two officers one by one in the kitchen. They are asking about an incident where an very important person was believed to have been drugged by one of them at a drinking party. They each deny any involvement. So, to get it out of them, they will have their pussies whipped. The first girl lays on the couch while the officer talks to her. Eventually, she is made to bend and spread her legs so that the officer can fire off lashes with a two pronged strap. The pussy whipping goes on with obvious protest, but she never admits to anything. So she is then placed into a variety of positions and strapped across her bare buttocks. To cut time, they must have edited the moving around as she'll just magically appear in a new position.

Getting what they wanted for information out of the first girl, the next one is brought in for her punishment. Same sequence of events with her lying naked on the couch and then spreading her legs for a pussy strapping. But, rather than a bottom punishment for the second part of the ordeal, this girl is made to stand where the officer first plays with her nipples and then straps her breasts. Satisfied with the results, he moves on to the final prostitute.

The officers decide to mix it up this time around, going with a hand spanking while she kneels on the couch first. After delivering roughly 2 dozen smacks, she is then made to lay down for her pussy strapping. Then she is stood up for a few more smacks on the bottom before the video concludes. I'm not sure if this was more about them having sex with Americans or the aforementioned drugging issue. Either way, the officers seem to be satisfied with their work.

An interesting production. While not the most severe punishment video Russian Slaves has ever put out, it certainly is different. And if you like pussy punishment, but don't like mutilation and nasty things, this might be a good pick up for you. All three girls a very pretty and getting to see them naked is worth the bad subtitles.

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