Russian Slaves #9

Reviewed by: The Webmaster

Russian Slaves 9 is comprised of two parts. In the first part, two students are standing before the gym teacher for various infractions of the rules. The student's names are frankly just too difficult to spell, let alone pronounce, so I'll just refer to them as the brunette and the blonde. What's interesting about this tape is that the players speak Russian, but the production company provides subtitles so you understand what the speech is about. Some things do get lost in the translation, so they can actually be a little funny to read on occasion. Anyway, the brunette is being punished because she didn't do her homework, while the blonde is being punished because she didn't bring her gym clothes to class. They are both made to remove their pants and shoes, then lie down in the prone position (face down) on the gym mat. The brunette has white panties on with a long black t-shirt, while the blonde has a black thong on with a short black t-shirt. They are made to bend their knees, so their feet are up in the air. The gym teacher begins by whacking the brunette on the bottom of her feet with a yard stick. She yells out in pain, but he doesn't seem to care. After a few strokes, the yardstick breaks, and he then removes his belt and uses that on their poor young feet. The blonde really seems to mind this and can't stay still during her punishment, which just aggravates the teacher even more.

The next step is to have our girls do a myriad of pushups. Neither one really does a correct pushup, which again doesn't thrill the teacher. I actually thought it would have been cool if he gave them a little whack on the tush when they reached the apex of the pushup, but he didn't. They then have to roll over and hold their legs straight up in the air. They both do this without letting their legs fall, but he still isn't impressed. He has them stand up and remove their panties. The brunette must also remove her t-shirt, but she has a white camisole underneath. For those that watch the Man Show, this next part is for you. Each girl has to take a turn on the trampoline. Yup, each girl jumps up and down on the trampoline with only a shirt on. Even if you weren't into spanking, this part of the film would make it worth it. After bouncing up a storm, the girls are then made to remove their shirts so they are totally naked now, and jog around the gym. Sort of reminds me of college kids streaking to get into a sorority. After a few minutes, he has them stop and walk in place. But, the exercising is not over yet. He then has them stand back to back, lock arms, and stretch back and forth. Even though we haven't seen a single slap yet, this video is worth the money already. Both girls are rather cute and just all the stuff he's making them do is just great.

Finally, it's punishment time. First the brunette is made to lay face down on a wooden bench. The teacher just paddles the living daylights out of her. Her whole body just shakes every time he lands a stroke. It doesn't take long for her to be in tears, begging for mercy. He finally has her get up and put her clothes on, but not before beating her bottom to a very red and very bruised state. Then it's the blonde's turn. Now, given that she couldn't take the foot smacking, it doesn't take her long to start screaming bloody murder. The teacher just obliterates her behind. She too is brought to tears and is left with a red and bruised behind.

Part 2 is, well, a tad on the strange side. I say this because I've never seen a scenario quite like this one. It starts off with 2 brunettes, one with long hair and one with short hair, sitting in the woods. A guy comes along and wants to know what they are doing. The girls say they are lost and they all introduce each other. The guy then pulls out a knife and tells them to take off their clothes. Neither girl moves, and he starts slapping the short haired brunette across the face a few times. He then grabs the long haired girl by the throat and tells them they will do what he says. So, now fearing for their lives, they remove their clothes and follow his commands. He starts off by having them dance. They don't dance quick enough for him, so he starts whacking them with a thin cane like implement. In keeping with Part 1, a little exercise is in order. He has them do roughly 20 deep knee bends, before having them run in place for a little while.

The long haired brunette is now made to get down on the blanket and do pushups. She actually does some pretty good pushups, and after maybe a dozen or so, he has her get up and has the short haired girl lay down on her back. The short haired girl hold her legs while the guy inserts a dildo into her pussy and pushes it all the way in. He holds it here and then secures it into place with a rope that is tied around her waist. He then has her dance in place, with the dildo being held into place by the rope. Very quick scene. The rope is then suddenly off and the girls are marching in place. He then has them get down on all fours and crawl around like dogs. He whacks them on the behinds a few times with that cane he has. Now comes the flogging portion of the program. The long haired brunette is now tied to a tree with her back facing out. He nails her with a bunch of very hard strokes, hard enough to bring her to tears. By the time he's finished, her behind is stripped and bleeding. Then it's the short haired brunette's turn. She is tied to the tree in the same fashion and whipped with the cane. She too is brought to tears, and lets out pleas for mercy. By the time he's finished she too is stripped and bleeding. He tells them that this was a lesson for them not to walk in the forest alone and that if he catches them again, he will beat them to death.

Very interesting video, I can't recall seeing one exactly like it before. The cost of the video is $49.95 and runs approximately one hour. The video and sound quality are average.

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