Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active and updating and still $24.95 per month as indicated in the review below.

Guest review by Isambard posted 4/24/09

USD 24.95 a month

This is a small site starring Samantha Johnson, a prolific (and very attractive) model, whose filmography on the British Girls Adult Film Database can be seen at

Sam is joined by other luminaries of the British spanking scene including Leia-Ann Woods and Amelia Rutherford in a lot of interesting scenarios - educational, domestic and workplace based. Sam is a switch, and the site includes clips and photos of MF, Ff amd Fm activity. Sam also offers full length films in DVD format at GBP 25 plus postage. Updates are weekly, consisting of a couple of photo sets and two film clips added to the permanent site, plus a couple of clips from the archive on a rotating basis. Potentially this is a good little site worth joining from time to time, though probably not worth a recurring membership one might take out for megasites such as Firm Hand or some of the multi-site subscriptions.

What's not to like? Well, unfortunately, this site has quite the worst design of any spanking site I've visited! Navigation is a nightmare. Across the top of the page are a number of buttons including "News". Click on it to find what's new and it gives a list of what is coming soon, but NOT any indication of what has recently been added.

On going to "Videos", the good news is that you are immediately faced with the two new archive films added this week. Unfortunately, this is a false dawn. The reason that they are first is that they begin with the numbers 1 and 2. Thereafter the clips are in strict alphabetical order, over 28 pages, from A Tasty Dish 1 to Yoga Coach 2. The numbers of the first ten pages appear at the bottom of the page, then a row of dots which you click to get pages 11 to 20. If this week's new clip begins with L, you have to guess whereabouts that letter might appear in the page numbering. Nowhere is there the listing in reverse chronological order which most sites use to allow returning members to find the newer stuff.

Want to download a clip? Click on it, and a new window opens, in which the video begins to play in Real Player embedded in the page. The only way to download the clip is to use the Real Player download option, with each clip taking as long to download as it would to play.

The "Photo Stories" section is similar: strict alphabetical order, pictures presented one at a time embedded in pages, with no zip files nor any provision for downloading a whole gallery using a download manager.

Verdict: potentially a nice little site, but, please Sam, get some competent geeks to give it a makeover!

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