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Santiago Prison

Produced by Pedro and Pablo
Written and Directed by Pedro
Starring :
Tourist Girls : Patty Sweet and Emeralda Luna
Prisoners : Jessica Lee, Crying Beauty, Gaby Bouttal, Lotty Fan, Ursula Craine
Prison Guards: Lady Jenny, Pokemon, Kisera
Hungarian with English Subtitles
Running Time 44 minutes
Guest Review by Ronald Scott

Santiago Prison, an outstanding release with a prison theme from Mood Pictures, is for me one of the top spanking releases of 2006 . Featuring a stunning new spanking actress Patty Sweet and a gorgeous red-head Crying Beauty plus several sadistic guards, this release is one of the best yet from this company. The setting is a prison where inmates are subject to frequent CP as well as more exotic torments.

At the start, we see a male airport guard questioning a beautiful tourist, Patty Sweet, regarding a teddy bear in her luggage that contains cocaine. She says she got it from a stranger at the airport; he does not believe her. She is stripped by him to her panties in an erotic scene; we also get to see her discomfort as he intimately searches her for more drugs.

The next scene is at the prison. One prisoner is ordering the other prisoners around (which now include the two tourist girls). She undresses Patty Sweet and starts hitting her. Next a guard enters and sentences a striking red-head prisoner Crying Beauty to being tied up for 20 hours a day in solitary for some frivolous reason.

The red-head is spread-eagled with her hands above her head in another cell. She begs not to be left this way because "everyone is afraid of her". The "her" is the abusive prisoner who soon shows up on the way to cleaning duty. She has a small LIVE snake that she places on the red-head's naked body. The rest of this scene with the bound girl writhing in fear and torment while the snake crawls over her body is very erotic and unique.

Back in the group cell, one prisoner suggests to the new tourist girls that they try to escape. She shows them the whip welts on her back as an example of what can happen at the prison. We then see a flashback of her lengthy whipping. Back in the solitary cell, the bound red-head has passed out.

Soon the abusive prisoner who has overheard the conversation about the girls thinking of escaping tells this to a guard who says "we will find out !!" In the following scene, all the prisoners have been stripped naked in a room with the guards. The view is great (!!) as several of the prisoners are quite cute. The head guard says "you are going to tell me where you wanted to go". As all the girls remain silent, each girl is to be caned until one answers the question.

First up is Patty Sweet who looks sullen (and very sensual without her clothes on). She is tied to a punishment bench and must count each of 50 cane strokes. The face shots and side views of her writhing under the cane make this one of the top caning scenes of the year.

Next the other girls are caned 50 strokes each with some excellent shots of their faces and bound bodies. The caning of the slim third girl stands out here. The girls are caned both on their ass and across their sensitive thighs. The last girl is the other tourist girl, a blond, who instead of counting strokes cries out about being caught with drugs in the airport.

As no girl has confessed about trying to escape, the guard says each girl will get 50 more cane strokes starting with Patty Sweet. Another intensely erotic scene follows as this sexy girl suffers even more as she is caned again. During her caning another guard keeps pushing her head down to increase her torment. Finally when the next girl is to be caned again, she confesses to trying to escape and the movie ends.

Overall, this is an outstanding spanking video because of severe punishments of several cute girls, a unique scene of the bound red-head writhing as the snake crawls over her body and the all around excellent acting and direction. I rate this video 9.5 out of 10.

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