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Site Status Update March 2011- The site is still active and updating every week. Cost is $24.95 USD for a 30 day membership with a price drop to $19.95 for recurring memberships. Price breaks are also available for 90 and 180 plans.

Sarah Gregory has come into her own as a Spanking superstar and fan favorite. So, it would only be appropriate that she have her own site. The cute brunette who's bottom just begs to be spanked created her own site during 2010 and has been updating it with interesting scenes and skits that both stick to the normal routines and also stretch into some unique ideas that are both fun and exciting.

When you enter the members area you are given several choices. These include, UPDATES, PHOTOS, EPISODES, MOVIES, EXTRAS, CAST, and SCHEDULE. The first four are pretty self explanatory. They are all linked together. In other words, the photos and movies are not separate things, the photos are from the movies which make up the episodes. If you were to choose episodes for instance, each scene page has several preview photos with links to the galleries and movie parts. Extras include a few bonus photo sets that are not tied to any episode or movie production. Cast shows all the various tops and models that appear on the site. It includes a little bio about that individual along with hyperlinks to any episodes that person might have been invovled with. That is always a nice feature in my book. And Schedule is just a brief list of where Sarah will be in the upcoming months along with an email address where you can book Sarah to do a private session.

So, now that we discussed the sections of the site, let's get down to the heart of the site. The episodes. As of this writing there are 36 episodes currently on the site. As I mentioned earlier, the episode page contains a few preview photos along with a discription of what the scene is about. There are links to one or two photo galleries as well as links to the movie parts. The amount of photos for each episode vary, but for the most part there are usually at least 50 still photos. The photos have a resolution of 800X600. The movie portion of the program starts off as individual parts with a full scene file being added at the conclusion of the updates for that episode. Updates are done just about every day, so depending upon how long an episode is, it can take between one and three weeks to get an entire episode online as she is usually working on more than one episode at a time. Clips vary in time, but generally are between 20-30 minutes per episode. Taking one particular clip that was just over 27 minutes, it is in MOV format, has a file size of 719 MB, has a screen size of 960X540, and a quality of 3642 kbs. So, in other words, the movies are high quality and are very fluid when they play. The clips also look very good at full screen on a 23 inch monitor.

The cost of the site is $24.95 USD for 30 days. If you choose to keep your membership beyond that, a discount is given and the cost becomes $19.95 per month. Additional price packages are available for 90 and 180 days with price breaks. While it might take a little while to complete a particular episode, this is the norm for most single model sites. However, Sarah does make the episodes fun with some unique ideas for scripts and scenes and there are also other models that appear as well. Some are spanked by Sarah and others do the spanking. In some cases, the other model is spanked with Sarah. So, there is definately a bit of a variety. I did enjoy my look through the site and think you might enjoy her work too. There are ample photos in the preview area to look through before you make your decision as to whether or not to take the plunge.

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