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Rattan College 2 - Sarah Remembers Everything

Length: 41 minutes
Review by MARS posted 2/11/2011

Listed in Moonglow's "classics" catalogue--how old we get and how fast! What should age have to do with a good spanking, displayed in detail? Wouldn't we like to watch Cleopatra spanking a servant if she was as good at it and it were on film? Thanks to Moonglow for preserving their oldies and to spankos for circulating them.

Sarah is a tall redhead who undresses in front of us and lies face down naked on a bed, awaiting a spanking from a faceless male in a heavily erotically-charged sequence of sensual spankings and fondlings. The male gets Sarah to recall spankings she had at school, which permits inserted flashbacks to those events.

Her first reminiscence is with a very young teacher. She's been "cheeky" and he is going to give her a "damn good thrashing." There is a quality about this actress' presentation which begs to have her given a hard dose. OTK she goes--she points out "You're not supposed to be doing this." When her skirt comes up, they must muff their lines, because we're all surprised to see she forgot her panties. After some spanking, as an afterthought, "Where are your know the regulations."

Fade back to Sarah naked on her bed, and her slow spanking and probing continues. She remembers a slippering from the teacher "Weenie Williams," our approximate transcription of the disparaging moniker he is given, because he looks more like an adolescent prefect than a faculty member.

The teacher has a slipper. She takes off her skirt, "panties too," bend-over a chair. The slipper is a leather sole. The spanking is slow; her gasps are legitimate; she keeps her legs together with resolve. "Is this message getting through to you?" What is a girl in this position supposed to say but "Yes, sir."

Back in the bedroom, her tormentor uses a handful of her right breast to keep her still for her spanking, lest there be any misunderstanding about what this is all about. Next, she recalls a "leathering" in her dormitory bedroom.

In that scene, her chenille dress is thrown up, for a leather strap--very sexy because of this actress' ability to seem to deserve a good walloping.

Sexy talk in the bedroom again before we revert to the caning at school, kneeling over the back of a chair and leaning on another, no pants, 20 strokes for cheating. Hard shots, a lot of repeats probably, accomplished with facial views. The chenille dress is a bathrobe with a silk belt, designed to be taken off.

Back with her man in the bedroom--she wears the same robe. "So this is the position you were caned in?" 6 cane strokes, then a confusing retake of the scene, Sarah naked, 6 more strokes. He fondles, she shivers.

A screen message says: "Sarah has acquired a real taste for the cane." More caning, some in slow motion.

In a final punishment scene, she peels off a sort of evening gown, isn't wearing pants again, and shows marks from another spanking. Another few cane strokes, a caress and exploring fingers from her supervisor, who we hope gets his reward.

Very nice job from Moonglow, on a zero budget.

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