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She Actually Spanks You

Written & Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Produced by Larry Selden
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Kayla Paige as Eve
Cherry as Taylor
Review by David Pierson

'She Actually Spanks You!' is a fantastic way for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment to mark their 100th production. This video is entertaining, edgy and very sexy. If you haven't seen a Chelsea Pfeiffer video recently, then you haven't seen a Chelsea Pfeiffer video. While Miss Pfeiffer has always produced the highest quality spanking erotica, it is necessary to make changes from time to time. To steal a line from Woody Allen's 'Annie Hall', a spanking production company can be compared to a shark. It must keep moving forward or it dies. (I know they've since found Sharks that don't need to move but that would screw up my metaphor.) Well, let's just say that CP Entertainment is one healthy shark. Over the past few months it would be hard to name another company that has produced work as creative, fun and erotic. One reason for this is the fact that lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer has once again become an on camera performer. There are few personalities in all of spanking erotica with Chelsea's charisma and talent.

'She Actually Spanks You!' uses the video within a video motif that Miss Pfeiffer first explored in the groundbreaking 'Strict Accounting'.

This is a tale about two roommates. Taylor (Cherry) is a hardworking girl with tedious job at a bank, while her friend, Eve is a successful fetish model. Eve has little understanding of the regular 9-5 work world. She often spends her days shopping when not shooting videos. Taylor finds it infuriating that Eve can go shopping on a Wednesday afternoon while she slaves away at the bank. Eve told her irate roommate that she should shoot videos too. Taylor was appalled at the suggestion. "I'm not doing all of that sex stuff on video", she noted with disgust. Eve explained that there was no sex involved, just a little spanking. She suggested to Taylor that she accompany her on her next gig. She was shooting a spanking video for Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions. Reluctantly, Eve's timid roommate agreed to tag along.

When next we see the girls they are entering the studios of CP Entertainment. The girls were greeted by the lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer who warmly welcomed them. She noted that there was pizza in the oven but first the spankings. Taylor was shocked when Chelsea handed her a model release. It seems that Eve had ambushed her roommate and scheduled her for a spanking shoot with Chelsea too. Taylor reluctantly signed, while giving Eve the most evil of looks.

Chelsea noted that this shoot was for her new 'Chelsea Spanks' website. She called Eve to come onto the set. Chelsea worked out a little scenario in which Eve was to be spanked for being less than thrifty with her money. Eve was taken over Chelsea's knee and she was spanked over her short denim shirt, her very short denim skirt, her thong and her bare bottom. Eve's bottomed reddened up nicely as Chelsea's deft hands punished Eve's shapely bottom.

After Eve's spanking was over, Taylor was called onto the set. With much reticence, she took her place over Chelsea's lap. Chelsea spanked her hard over her tight fitting jeans, her see through blue panties (Victoria's Secret?) and then her bare bottom. Taylor kicked and cried out as Chelsea warmed her bottom. After a time, Chelsea had Taylor stand up and kneel on a chair. She then gave her an intense session with a large hair brush on her, already tender, bare bottom. She cried out "This hurts!" as Chelsea smacked her bottom with the wooden hairbrush.

When next we see the girls they are leaving the studio, arguing. Taylor was furious with her roommate. 'I can't believe you did that to me! That really hurt," Taylor said as she walked next to her smirking friend. "Oh, you know that you loved it," Eve replied.

Once home, we find the girls involved in a spanking wrestling match on the bed, dressed only in their bra and panties. Taylor initially had the upper hand and spanked Eve's bottom with all of her strength. Soon, the larger Eve had turned the tables and began to spank Taylor while holding her in place with her knee placed firmly in the center of her back. The video fades to black as Taylor is having her bare bottom punished by her roommate.

'She Actually Spanks You' is a fantastic production. A creative plot, exceptional videograhy and a superb cast. Kayla Paige and Cherry were wonderful in their roles as the bickering roommates. For many years now, Chelsea Pfeiffer has brought us spanking erotica that is funny, sexy and thoughtful. On this, her 100th video in the CP series, it is time for us to acknowledge Chelsea for the treasure that she is.


Have you ever tried to introduce someone to being spanked? How about your roommate? A very simple way is to simply let her work her 8 to 6 job. Then you go out shopping after working a long hard day of a few hours. The results of a "quick" payoff (legal, I might add) do wonders. At least they do wonders on this roommate.

[Note: This is not really the way things work. Doing a spanking video is a long day's job as well. But, this is a fantasy none the less so let's play with the fantasy.]

Taylor returns to the apartment tired, beat, and emotionally drained from working at the bank to meet her roommate, Eve. Eve has had a hard day, shopping for new clothes. She also has had a long day, five or six hours; and on top of that, she does not work every day. Still she manages to make ends meet. Eve suggests that if Taylor is not so much of a prude, she could set her up with some video work too. She tries to answer Taylor's concerns and suggests that she accompany Eve the next time to see for herself.

Taylor finally agrees. Later, we discover that there is more to Eve's suggestion than what was originally offered. But, that will come later.

The five days later, we find the pair at Chelsea's studio. Chelsea hands the two the releases and goes off to fix lunch. Now, the final story comes out. Eve has brought Taylor to not only watch but also to partake in the receiving end of a spanking. "Oh my gosh, she is actually going to spank you!" she exclaims. "Well, I know that you want it too", Eve tells Taylor. After a bit of urging, Taylor is talked into the part and signs the release. First up in the hit parade ... Eve. This is all to be done in one continuous shot so that the audience knows that her bottom did not get any rest. (Chelsea's words, not mine.)

Eve ends up over Chelsea's lap. Her short cutoff jeans positioned perfectly over Chelsea's lap. And, I thought that hot pants died many years ago! Apparently this is not the case of Eve. She has them on! She is getting spanked in them! They rise up to the bottom (of the bottom). And, as the camera pans, you have no doubt a good clear view of her bottom cheeks under those pants. (I would get spanked if I left the house in those pants alone!) But, for the case of the spanking, they are very good as they show the nice quiver of the bottom cheeks under Chelsea's hand tutelage.

Chelsea contrives a suitable reason for the spanking; Eve can't seem to resist clothing sales. As Chelsea starts the warm-up, slowly and deliberately, Eve begins to whine. As the camera cuts to Taylor, she portrays the "oh my gosh!" look, worried brow, biting her nails and wondering if this is going to be her fate as well.

When Chelsea peels up the hot pants, you can see that Eve's bottom has turned a nice shade of my favorite color, crimson. (Well, I like that color on Eve's bottom. Mine, I prefer a much lighter shade.) And the spanking is just starting. Eve is wearing thongs; pink thongs. Thongs do not do much to provide any protection for a spanking. This is where the "skin meets the hand", and the sound is unmistakable.

Chelsea continues to spank Eve's bottom using full, regular strokes. Eve still winces and wines. Taylor does her part, looking like the apprehensive lady that she is in the corner and wondering if going with Eve was a good idea. As hand spankings go, this one is very suitably performed by a master.

Chelsea knows how to spank. She does not pull any punches. She takes her "from pink to red" in an effort to explain that running up large credit card debt is not a good idea.

This is not really a punishment spanking; it is not a sexual one. This is what my husband calls "a medium bum warming". It is a spanking that brings a nice hue to the bottom without a terrible amount of pain. Of course, you can not think of anything but your bottom after a while, but that is normal.

After a bit of the pink bottom stage, Chelsea peels down, slowly, her thongs, saying "I am not uncovering anything, but it is part of a good spanking." (Oh yea!) Finally, Eve must count out the last fifty hard slaps. At the end of the fifty, Taylor is now starting to feel her bottom. She knows who is next. She is!

Taylor's crime is simple. She is a naughty girl who has never been spanked before. Please! She drapes herself over Chelsea's lap like someone who has seen the flooring from close up before.

Chelsea starts out slowly over her long jeans with Taylor's grimaced face. A little adjustment shifts Taylor over a better position when Chelsea needs a "good arm swing to give you a proper spanking." All the while, Eve is grinning with a big smile at Taylor's position. She knows that her roommate has needed this for a while.

Now the truth comes out. This was a setup.

Chelsea finally declares that she does not wish to wear her hand out on the jeans. They must come down. Now! A bit of reaching under Taylor and the button is unfastened, the zipper pulled down and then the trousers are slid down, side to side, inch by inch down to her knees. Taylor is wearing see-though blue full-cut panties. Oh, perfect. What a sight; red cheeks showing through a blue tinted fabric.

The spanking continues on her panties. Well, what she is wearing for panties, that is; and it is not much. Eventually, Chelsea starts with vigor, hard and fast. She is going to give Taylor a memory of her "first" spanking.

After about a couple of minutes of this, the panties are also peeled down. Her bottom shows the panty lines. Those are the only areas that are not bright red. They are still pale. Soon, they, too, will be of a good uniform color; red.

A few more moments of some well delivered, full, hard, slow slaps the hand spanking is over. Taylor is let up. No, wait. It is not over yet. She must kneel on the chair, bottom out, arms over the top of the chair.

Chelsea gets a nice big square HAIR BRUSH. Gee, thanks, Chelsea. Eve can only grin, ear to ear when the "business end" of the brush bounces off Taylor's bottom. Taylor has a totally different reaction. She does not like it as evidenced by her open mouth when the scream does not come. She tries to scream. However, if you don't breathe, you can't scream. She can't scream. She can only show an open mouth in shock. Finally, her only comment comes out "It hurts! It stings!" while Eve is now rubbing her own bottom.

The two leave Chelsea's upstairs place. Taylor has some choice words for her roommate, Eve. "I can't believe that you talked me into it."

Back at their apartment, the two settle things on the bed. The two, stripped to bra and panties, start to have a small pillow fight. (This is staged. It is good, but staged.) As she rolls Eve over, Taylor starts to spank Eve's bottom. She is no where in Chelsea's class of a spanker. The spanking, while playful, is not hard. Eve's bottom is still red from Chelsea's hand. This is a play spanking. It is not meant to be a serious one.

A few slaps from Taylor and Eve manages to wiggle free and turn the tables on Taylor. Now it is Taylor on the receiving end. "Admit it!" yells Eve. "Admit that you like it!" Even when the panties come down, Taylor is adamant and still refuses to admit it.

The film ends with Taylor still refusing to admit it. I know the truth. You should too.

This film is CPE's 100th item. It represents a culmination of Chelsea's work and is characteristic of her style. Chelsea makes an excellent spanker. And the two girls still keep with Chelsea's style of turn-about is fair play at the end.

Of the two spankees, for the lack of a better term, I like Taylor better. Eve is OK. She is able to take a good spanking with a great deal of facial emotion. It is just that Taylor seems to do it better. Each girl has her own style.

Is it worth the price? Well, let's see. There are a total of four spankings (if you count the two that the girls give each other), some thirty minutes of "bottom warming" time, two pretty models, Chelsea Pfeiffer, as always gorgeous, a simple no-nonsense scene .... Yes, it is worth the price. It is a very cute, well rounded, fully colored (involving many shades of red) video.

What can I say? I suppose what I feel. "More please" "Oh, so much more, please."

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