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Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast Posted to SPReview on 7/24/09

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Office mouse by day, blood-thirsty dominatrix by night

Victim Appeal:
Lara C. Nord is the main victim in the first part of the "Schizo" saga (there is also a "White Part"). She made several films with Mood Pictures and this is her last, as well as the hardest in terms of CP action. I always liked Lara - she was a foxy brunette with a full figure and, judging by the behind-the-scenes footage of her, also one of the more interesting personalities among Mood models. This video includes a short interview with her which fans should enjoy.

The other two spankees are new, Enicoe (Eniko?) Shoemaker and Erica Jo. One is brunette and the other dark-haired, they are both fairly cute in their way and also seem like nice girls in the interview. But my focus was more on Miss Nord.

Gratuitous Sadism:
Lady Jessica Lee plays Emily / Amanda, a woman with a split personality. Emily is a meek, mousy secretary at an unemployment office. She wears her hair neatly and has huge, thick glasses, she is frequently bullied by her bosses, still hasn't found a man who wants to marry her (much to the disappointment of her mother) and is too embarrassed to go to class reunions. After work, she transforms into Amanda, a sexy, self-assured vixen who dresses in black leather and lets her hair fall free as a wild mane of curls. It turns out that Amanda does, in fact, have a husband, and that the two of them hold kidnapped girls in their basement, locked in cages like animals, for torture and sexual abuse (I thought I had a pretty wicked double life, but this is something else again...).

One of the captives is Lara Nord. She tells the husband, who is watching them in Amanda's absence, that she is diabetic and needs her daily insulin shot. Eventually, he allows the girl to go upstairs and get a syringe from her handbag. She thanks him and subsequently tries to seduce him: "Sir, I owe you a debt of gratitude, I'm all yours and I would do anything for you!" Is she planning an escape or just hoping to gain favours? In any case, the man falls for it. While Lara gives him a (simulated) blowjob, Amanda comes home and surprises the two of them. Furious, she barks at her husband: "Take this slut to the others! Down there we will teach her what she hasn't known."

As you can imagine, the "teaching" involves a long, severe caning. Lara has to kneel on a platform, with her lower arms on the top of the cage where the other girls are held. The chastisement is excessive even by Mood standards - as Pedro (the director) remarks in the behind-the-scenes segment: "I think we haven't seen such a brutal bottom before." Lady Jessica aka Amanda fires off almost a hundred ultra-vicious strokes which, simply put, turn Lara's backside into one big bloody mess. After number 97, even the fellow captives plead for mercy. "Please stop it!" begs one, while another adds: "It can't be endured!"

Amanda punishes them for their insolence by splitting the rest of the punishment between the two other girls instead, who now get caned themselves. Tied up side by side where Lara was kneeling before, they receive 50 strokes each. Amanda goes from one spankee to the other, giving them five swishes at a time, until the numbers are complete. The thrashing isn't as insane as the first one, but it has the usual Mood-style severity, producing dark welts on both victims and drawing some blood from the girl on the right (Erica).

After the beatings are over, Amanda goes upstairs and welcomes a new, unsuspecting girl she ordered from an escort service. Actually, we've seen the young lady before - she was at the unemployment office in the morning, where "Emily" sent her to the escort agency in the first place! It's plain to see that everything is falling into place for the next torture session, and the video ends with a few brief glimpses of "Schizo - The White Part"...

Best Reactions:
The caning inflicted on Lara C. Nord here is undoubtedly one of the most extreme ever recorded in a kinky movie. It should come as no surprise that her reactions are vivid and vocal, even though they aren't quite as frantic as one might think - Lara is a brave girl and manages a remarkable degree of self-control under the circumstances. She screams and howls, she looks increasingly desperate as the ordeal carries on, and from time to time, she squats down on the platform to get a quick break from the unrelenting strokes. But she never breaks down completely, as some other spankees have done in less severe videos.

However, while Lara's scene is impressive, I wouldn't call it the best in terms of reactions - which goes to show that, even for an admitted sadist, "hard" doesn't automatically equal "good" and sheer physical force doesn't directly translate into eroticism. I actually find the second CP segment more enjoyable. It's considerably less severe in absolute terms and the victims' reactions aren't as loud (even though they, too, scream and cry by the end). But it is a lot of sadistic fun to watch them counting aloud in a forcibly calm manner, struggling for composure, then losing it more and more until, finally, tears flow and teeth clench.

Best Line:
One of Emily's bosses at the unemployment office sees her in the parking lot while she is arriving late for work. When she apologises, he cracks a joke: "Sure, you're sorry! Come into my office at once and do a blowjob." While the line is coarse, Emily's reaction to it - a shocked little "Oh!", followed by her running away - is hilarious.

Nice Psychological Touch:
I liked the general idea behind "Schizo". While the "Secretary Jekyll and Mistress Hyde" plot isn't entirely original, I haven't seen it in a CP film before and it is executed well here. I'm not the biggest fan of Lady Jessica as an actress or as a domme, but her portrayal of wallflower "Emily", with her dorky glasses and comical, exaggerated short-sightedness, is surprisingly funny. Who knows, I may still grow to like her with a few more performances like this.

I thought that "Emily" sending the girls to an escort agency so that "Amanda" can kidnap and torture them was a particularly nice touch. At the same time, Mood emphasise that the two personalities have no direct knowledge of each other. They live in different houses and drive different cars, with a stark contrast between Emily's mundane little vehicle and Amanda's more glamorous one. Before her transformation, Emily wonders: "Why does this car always park in front of my house? I've never seen who it belongs to..." Later, when she comes out of the house as Amanda, she asks herself the same question - about the other car!

Finally, I loved how the husband reads the captive girls an excerpt from "The Little Prince" at one point: "That's right, said the fox. You're nobody else to me at present but the same little boy as the other hundred or hundred thousand. And to you, I am the same fox as the other hundred or hundred thousand. But if you tame me, you will be the only one for me in this world and I will be the only one for you..." When Lara interrupts him, begging for her insulin shot, he declares: "I am reading to you, bitch, so that you understand what is happening to you!" It's a moment of pure brilliance, lost in a vile, bloody torture flick. So typical of Mood Pictures, and one of the reasons why I like their work.

How Good Is It Really?
A good video from the Hungarians and interesting in several respects. Many viewers will find that Lara's extremely gory thrashing goes beyond their limits (it challenges mine, actually...). But if you can't stand the sight of blood, you probably shouldn't be watching Mood videos in the first place. Here, there is a lot of it, glistering and trickling down... If nothing else, it's a superlative, and you will be glad to know that even in this case, no permanent physical or mental damage was caused. As a matter of fact, Lara is cheerful and relaxed in her interview right after the shoot while the other two models, the newcomers, look more "battered" than she does.

What You Learned:
As I wrote under "Best Reactions": even for a sadist, "hard" does not equal "good". Of course, I knew this already - I've always argued strenuously that "severity" is something quite different from "physical force", and that many things come into play to make a video sadistically enjoyable. Furthermore, not every sadist will like every severe video! The psychology behind all this is a lot more complicated than the "Brutal + Savage = Cool" equation which is sometimes used to explain severe CP videos, or the supposed state of mind of their audience.

While none of this is news to me, "Schizo - The Black Part" is a perfect illustration. It contains the single hardest caning (of a female victim) I've ever seen, and trust me, I've seen a few. But I wouldn't rate it among my personal Top Ten favourites, probably not even the Top Twenty-Five. Like the movie as a whole, I put the scene in the "good, but not great" category instead.


Schizo The Black Part

Mood Pictures (2007)
Produced and Directed by Pedro and Pablo
Written by Pablo
Starring: Amanda/Emily: Jessica Lee
Prisoners: Lora Nord, Enicoe Shoemaker, Erica Jo
Husband: Olie Fritz, Job Seeker: Alice
Hungarian with English Subtitles
Running Time 34 minutes
Guest by Ronald Scott posted 1/23/07

SCHIZO - The Black Part is the first of a innovative two-part release from Mood Pictures. It features the excellent acting of Jessica Lee in the dual role of Amanda and Emily as well as very severe canings of three cute girls.

As the video opens we see a mousy Jessica Lee (in her secretary role) talking to her mother about her "looser" life and how "no one wants to marry me". She drives to work in her tiny car and meets the company director in the lot. He asks for a blow job and says "I may be the only one interested in enjoying you". She runs off.

Next she interviews a cute girl, Alice, at the employment agency she works at and assigns her to the Star Escort Agency.

Then the scene shifts to a dark basement where naked girls are kept in "tiger" cages. A man lets one girl out to come upstairs to the dark dining room. Meanwhile the secretary arrives home and complains about the nicer car that is always parked behind her car.

Back in the dining room, the naked woman injects some drugs and then offers sex to the man. Meanwhile a woman dressed like a prostitute leaves her house and complains about the car always parked in front of her. She drives to the man's house and enters the dining room. She sees the girl giving a blow job to her husband, gets furious and drags the girl downstairs where she is bound and caned. The 100-blow caning is long and brutal as the dominant woman says "down here I will teach you what you have not known".

Next for good measure she takes two more girls from the cages to also be caned. Both girls have cute faces and the caning features some erotic face close-ups as the girls anguish increases as the caning goes on. The redhead immediately can't stand the blows while the black hair tries initially to be stoic but later breaks down too. Each girl gets 50 lashes, 5 at a time and then the other girl gets 5. Again this is severe by the standards of other spanking sites.

To make the redhead suffer more, the dominant woman says "What's wrong, darling? Doesn't it hurt you enough? I will strike harder if I don't see you crying" Then she tells the black haired girl " Cry baby, I love to see you cry". The dom who is also played by Jessica Lee is excellent here; it is hard to believe that the same actress portrays two women who are as different as the secretary and the dom !!!

Next the cute girl, Alice, sent to the escort agency by the secretary, arrives in the dining room to be interviewed. The dom comes up and looks closely at the fresh young face of the girl. The movie then ends with a message: "To be continued with the white part". This is followed by a couple of brief peeks at scenes from the white part.

Overall, the excellent acting of Jessica Lee and the dual caning of the two cute girls makes this video stand out. I rate it 8.75 out of 10. The only thing I can't figure out is why the video is called Schizo and what is the meaning of the two cars parked in front of the secretary's house?? I guess we will have to wait for the "White part" to find out.

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