Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire

time: 55 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS - Posted 12/5/08

Another mild and playfully naughty George Harrison Marks production. Here the actors are credited, so we will cite their screen names. The actors Sir Larry Greythorpe and Christina Grantham play grizzled ageplay veterans cobbling together a cast of pretty-bottomed girls for a video. GHM's plots are frequently about making videos.

Christina produces 2 delectable girls for Sir Larry to "audition." Amber Scott plays a bright well-scrubbed blonde you would like moved to the head of any spanking queue. Caron Shields is a smokey brunette with a touch of mischief in her eye. Both girls pretend a little apprehension about what happens in a spanking video. Christina, working for GHM: "Here. I'm sure these costumes will give you confidence, girls."

Amber returns, fetching in a little French maid's uniform. She looks a little uncomfortable as Sir Larry runs his fingers over her, but it is going to get worse for her. He works down her skirt and she knows and we know the hem is going to be turned up. Yes, bright red bikini panties. Sir Larry bends her over and begins a silly handspanking on a tight-fitted red silk bottom. Very nice.

Sir Larry pulls her pants down. Amber's perfect pale white bottom is full screen. Christina is given some spanking instruction, then they spank together, "one-two-one-two." Sir Larry is much harder. Amber yelps. Nice reddening. "It's warming nicely." Sir Larry slashes very hard with a martinet, including a forehand-backhand series. Amber is distressed. He gets in a rub and an exploratory feel. "Are you ready for the final step?" The cane--about 12 strokes, and Christina has to hold Amber still for them, especially "the last one, always the worst." Another rub, a probing feel, a hug. She has the part.

Caron enters, deliberately unkempt in her nurse's costume, and so is bent over and pink thong dispatched with immediately. Handspanking right away; he pulls her buttocks apart for a view into the valley. Christina stands in. "You take that buttock, I'll take this one." Cracks with the studded paddle. Swipes with the martinet. Lots of "ow's." A pause while she steps out of her thong. "Come on, feet apart. What do you think about the Greythorpe special?" (It's the cane, of course.) "Oh, no!" About 8 strokes, harder than Amber got. A hug and a feel (always) and she's gone. Sir Larry and Christina embrace and remember when they used to spank.

The phone rings. Actor Mel Starsky, as Mr. Thompson, has brought his recalcitrant 22 year old redhead wife, played by Liza Wigan. She is a resiliant, spankable Irish lass, and one of our favorites, found in several GHM productions. She will show us her stuff here too. Apparently Sir Larry is available for spankings-for-hire. Liza is told he is the "best headmaster in the business," and she knows full well where that little game is going to lead her. He is going to cure her of her little "perversions," his method being an ironic solution. He shows her the tawse, martinet, hairbrush, paddle, and "of course" the cane.

Liza is bent over a table and handspanked on pretty white panties. Sir Larry shows Thompson his sweeping glancing spanking style. Liza yelps. Thompson pulls his wife's pants down-a lovely perfect pale bottom which rouges quickly. Sir Larry illustrates the tawse and Liza's bottom is kept center-stage. Some studded paddle; Sir Larry holds her hips from the front for some tries by Thompson. Do Sir Larry's fingers explore a bit?

Liza's acting resume says she can take the cane, and sure enough, here it comes, the "good reliable." 10 sweet hard strokes. Thompson does his 10. For "one final session" they decide on 3 each. The instruction is over. Better take her home forthwith.

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