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Schoolgirl Spanking Special #1
Written by David Pierson
Directed by: Eric Blair- Brown
James Phillips
Starring: Pixie
Sierra Salem
Featuring David Pierson
Guest Review By: Richard Windsor

A brand new spanking company and what a way to start, a bumper collection of schoolgirl spankings featuring the most adorable brats you could imagine.

First scene:

The Letter Home - Starring David Pierson and Pixie.

Can you possibly imagine the most quintessential schoolgirl you could think of and not think of Pixie as that person? The girl is a dream and totally cut out as the misbehaving schoolgirl, and you would be hard pressed to find a model that can take a spanking as hard as Pixie can. She is pretty new to the spanking modeling world but based on what I have seen, she is going to be the next big star. Cute, sassy and always seeming to be in trouble, I think this young lady has many spankings ahead of her.

The scene opens with a letter on the table from Sister Agnes detailing a list of infractions that young Pixie has acquired. David reads each one back to Pixie as her face goes from frowns to smirks as some of them are read. Standing there in her catholic schoolgirl outfit, there is no smirking on her face when David tells her she is to come back at 7pm for the spanking of her life. Before she leaves David asks her about the dress code violation and struggles to see where she has dressed inappropriately, before it finally dawns on him and he asks her to raise her skirt. Underneath Pixie has on a thong and despite her plea that "ALL the girls are wearing them"; she has to remove them and hand them over to him. David reminds her Pixie of her later appointment and is met by a rather blasť young lady as she leaves the scene, something tells me she probably needs this spanking.

7pm arrives and we see Pixie standing there in her schoolgirl outfit still, this time holding a pretty mean looking hairbrush. Funny enough she doesn't seem as smart and sassy at this point. It takes no time at all before she is over David's knee with her skirt raised and her bottom completely bared. The spanking begins and there is no light warm up involved here, David spanks firmly and covers her bottom and thighs with his hand. For four minutes her bottom and thighs are turned bright red as David admonishes Pixie and asks her to recite how her behavior will improve in the future.

Sensing that there really isn't much sincerity in Pixie's voice, David reaches over to the table and picks up the hairbrush. Barely twenty firm spanks have landed before Pixie's hand comes back to protect what is now a very red bottom. David is quite capable of pinning her arm back and to prevent the wild kicking, he pins her legs in between his. The hairbrush lands a total of 55 times and it is not light by any means, this has got the young ladies attention as her body now squirms and her little voice emits signs that it is getting through to her. When it stops this time, Pixie is quick to point out how her behavior is going to improve with a couple of hand swats thrown in. Hearing what he wanted to hear, David picks up the hairbrush once more and makes sure that the lesson is learned by administering a further sixty spanks to the writhing miss. A final warning is issued about Pixie's future behavior and she is sent to bed with a few smacks on her way.

We are only eleven minutes in and it has been a great start to the video, if you like to see a good otk spanking then this is right up there. Good banter between the players and a nice solid spanking to get us started, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I can't stress enough how cute Pixie is in her outfit combined with her soft voice.

The next spanking starts immediately. Pixie walks into the kitchen and David grabs her arm, he pulls down her panties as he tells her how he has heard about the tack that Pixie placed for Sister Agnes to sit on. David places his foot on the coffee table and hoists Pixie over the upturned leg so that she is suspended in the air, her bottom complete bare once more and still showing signs of the earlier spanking he sets about spanking her once more. After a good round of spanks he puts her down and tells her to place her hands on the table while he reaches once again for the hairbrush. The spanking is very short but David warns her that her proper spanking is to come tonight in her bedroom and that it will make the earlier one seem tame.

The scene cuts to Pixie emerging from the bathroom in her pajamas drying her hair, David is waiting for her on the bed. Her pj bottoms are pulled down and Pixie goes over one knee and once again David sets about applying his firm hand to her bare bottom. As the camera angle changes we see on the bed a wicked looking oval shaped paddle and a wooden spoon. Once again, there is nothing light about the spanks landing on the young ladies bare bottom; David spanks her bottom and thighs quite firmly. As the hand spanking progresses, David tells Pixie that she is to present her bottom to Sister Agnes tomorrow to show her that she has been properly punished, as Pixie complains David reaches for the slotted wooden spoon.

The spoon is put to good effect as David switches from single firm spank to rapid fire ones as Pixie complains that it stings, that doesn't look like it will get her out of the spanking though. The wooden spoon continues to land as David continues with his lecture. Trying to tell the young lady how smart she is David reaches for the oval paddle, Pixie's face is already cringing as she knows what is about to come. He tells her that this is going to hurt and her little whines pretty much tell you that she knows this already.

The paddle really looks like it hurts and Pixie is sobbing in no time, the spanks are nice and firm, nothing overboard, but nothing that is light by any means. Pixie's body contorts and she is quite vocal as the paddle lands about 60 times. Everything is on the bare bottom for this part and you can hear Pixie's discomfort throughout. The spanking continues over both knees as David switches between hand, spoon and paddle. When the spanking finishes David holds Pixie over his lap and rubs her bottom as Pixie sniffles into the blanket before sitting the teary eyed brat up for a final warning and a comforting hug.

The scene ends as Pixie is told to lie on the bed for ten with the belt to serve as a reminder; she counts these out while hugging her teddy bear and is finally given a reprieve when she has some lotion rubbed into her stinging bottom.

This was the first video I have seen with David and Pixie together and I was very impressed. Nothing is drawn out, the scenes are sharp and quickly to the point. David is not shy to lecture the naughty girl but at the same time he doesn't go overboard, which in turn means for us as the viewer that we get spankings that start pretty quickly without having to fast forward to them. The camera angle switches from behind to in front so you get to watch Pixie's face as well as her bottom turning a delightful shade of red. Pixie of course is an absolute dream with a fantastic bottom and a totally believable naughty girl inside of her, this first section was a joy to watch.

Part 2 to follow.

A Special Detention.

Starring David Pierson, Pixie and Genesis.

This time the scene opens with David waiting in his office, a very convincing principal awaiting his charges. Pixie and Genesis walk in wearing their schoolgirl outfits and immediately your eyes are going to be drawn towards them; if the schoolgirl role-play is your thing then your heart is going to be racing right now. From the outset we see a very timid Pixie, and her polar opposite, a very spunky Genesis.

David begins to lecture the young ladies which seems to do nothing more than bring out the cheeky smile on Genesis. I have to admit to talking to the screen to David and shouting "Spank her right now dude". The lecture continues as Pixie listens intently while Genesis acts the total brat, David asks Genesis if she is taking this seriously to which Genesis cheekily replies "What are going to do.... Spank me?" The discussion continues with David showing Genesis a form that shows he has permission to do just that, so it looks like the spankings are about to begin. Genesis is told to stand up and stand in the corner to watch Pixie get spanked first... What!!! Genesis is begging for it at this point!! I really hope that when she gets hers, it is worth it.

So Pixie is first to receive a spanking. She stands up and goes over to David where she drapes herself across his lap. After smoothing out her skirt, David turns to Genesis and tells her that she will be next, then raises his hand and starts spanking hard on Pixie's skirt. I do mean hard as well, there is no warm up and David seems fully capable of delivering a good sound spanking. A few dozen well placed spanks are delivered to the seat of Pixie's skirt before it comes up to reveal the white nylon panties she has on underneath. David reprimands Pixie on her non regulation panties and proceeds to set fire to them. Honestly, I tried to count the spanks, but it is really hard as David spanks fast and firm on Pixie's thinly covered rear. I am guessing that about 90 spanks land before David's hands go in the waistband and Pixie vainly attempts to stop their descent, unsuccessfully of course. Before this happens though, David takes a ruler and gives Pixie five swats on each hand for blocking her underwear coming down. The punishment finishes with David giving Pixie's bare bottom and thighs a good solid hand spanking.

Pixie is then sent to the corner holding up her skirt to swap places with Genesis. Now this I am really looking forward to. A rather subdued Genesis heads towards her stern principal, the smile amazingly gone from her pretty face now.

Immediately Genesis' skirt is raised and she receives a half dozen swats on her cotton panties. I think you will all agree with David when you watch the video that she needs to get a bare bottomed spanking straight away, and he doesn't disappoint. Genesis' panties are lowered to her knees and David's hand rises. Once more, there isn't much in the way of a warm up, the spanks are crisp and fast and pretty much cover the whole of Genesis' bottom and thighs. Genesis' vocalizations really enhance the spanking as her bottom reddens in front of our eyes.

After several minutes of hand spanking David bends down to retrieve the ruler he had used on Pixie's hand. Hardly a dozen land before the ruler breaks in two. So David switches implements and has Genesis stand up for a quick session with the leather strap followed by 20 firm swats with the school paddle. I have to admit, this girl is such a brat that I wished it was me giving her the paddle.

To finish this session off, David brings out the cane and tells Genesis that she is going to get twelve with it. The very first stroke buckles her knees and she crouches to the floor rubbing her bottom. Now the following caning isn't the hardest in the world, but you can tell from Genesis' reaction that it is certainly something she is feeling. It isn't long before all twelve strokes have landed and Genesis briefly joins Pixie in the corner.

Both girls are summoned to sit down but they are to leave their panties down, though if recollection serves me well, Pixie's non regulation ones were tossed across the room earlier. David is great in his role as principal as he gives the girls a final lecture, telling them that when they leave they have to go to their rooms holding up their skirts so that everyone can see their punished bottoms. I, for one, took great delight in seeing the face of the well spanked Genesis as she sat uncomfortably on the chair, though I concurred with David that she got less than she deserved.

Sierra and the Headmaster.

Starring David Pierson and Sierra Salem.

The final segment to this delightful video is the above titled scene. Once more we have the ever convincing David Pierson as the headmaster, this time with 19 year old Sierra Salem as his charge.

The scene opens with a knock on the headmaster's door. Sierra enters like all those before her in her schoolgirl outfit. This girl's crime though is a bad one, she has been caught in the dorm room with alcohol and furthermore, she was caught stealing it.

Now personally, I love brats, and you get the impression straight away that Sierra is going to brat her way through this with the first few cheeky replies that she gives, even causing David to smile when she thanks him for complimenting her on her taste in alcohol, and when she asks if she gets to keep the vodka after he has spanked her. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but good verbal banter is something I thoroughly enjoy in a spanking video.

After a couple more quips it is time for Sierra to go over her Headmaster's lap. As in the scenes prior to this one, the spanks come down firmly straight away onto Sierra's skirt, David seems to take the no nonsense approach when using his hand. About 40 firm spanks land to the young ladies skirt before it is raised to reveal a totally inappropriate pair of Hustler panties; they of course stay up for about 3 seconds. What follows is a nice long hand spanking on Sierra's lovely tanned bottom, her sassy comments continue, even though her face scrunches up to the hand that is spanking her.

After the hand spanking, Sierra is ordered to lean forward holding on to the back of the couch while David picks up the wooden paddle. Sierra gets twenty with the paddle and the sassiness for some reason seems to have disappeared. She counts the last ten and during this time you can hear a few little sniffles coming from her.

This is probably the shortest of the three scenes and concludes with Sierra getting twelve of the best with the cane, the first four of which is shown with her face in view of the camera. Sierra counts each one and there is no back chatting at this point, Sierra herself admits to wanting to get it over with. The twelve strokes land and Sierra rises to rub her bottom. David concludes with a brief lecture and informs Sierra that she is to remain standing with her bottom on show for an hour.

This is my first review of material from Punishedbrats.com, and I have to say that I am very impressed for a fledgling company to have produced such a fine video. David comes across as a very authentic guardian, whether it is in the paternal role or the one as a schoolteacher. His hand spankings are firm from the outset and he is obviously in total control when he uses an implement. The girls of course are all simply delightful, Pixie is the quintessential schoolgirl, full of charm and demeanor, but deep down you know full well that she is a little horror. She puts on the innocence when she knows she is going to get spanked, but outside of that you know that a really naughty girl lurks not far from the surface. Genesis and Sierra will remind you of all the girls back in your younger days who you felt needed a good spanking, the pair of them are cheeky and sassy, a bit too big for their britches, and only proper young ladies once they are nursing very sore bottoms.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how this company evolves, but for a first time effort is was pretty damn good.
Richard Windsor.

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