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School Reports 2

18 minutes
Guest Review by: Collector posted 12/14/07

Certainly the golden oldie era; a British film-making period when the schoolgirls really looked the part, and the often grizzled male disciplinarians heightened the erotic sense of the ageplay. The spankings weren't intense, but the acting was such that the pain and humiliation intended seemed real. This is a short one, sexy and simple, no time for background. Uncle George has his two teenage nieces with their panties already half-masted, prepared for the riding crop. His distraught wife Martha looks on--she's failed in her parenting duties and now the girls are going to pay the price, and she herself will face the music later in the evening.

Blonde Julia, cute and authentic, gets about 15 strokes, as seen from various angles. She wiggles her bottom and sniffles throughout. Next is Amanda, another blonde. She must bend over, and Uncle pulls up her dress and then her pants further down in slow ceremony. Wonderful. Then 15 legitimate strokes.With both girls bent over, bottoms bare, striped, and still ringing, he presents them to Martha, who has been listening to their anguish from the hall (and surely feeling a crinkly feeling on her own bottom for what is to come). "This is how I want to see their bottoms." Martha is sent off to wait.

Martha's turn---a tall, thin, sophisticated brunette, she has prepared herself--stripped down to fancy bra , panties, garter belt, and stockings--in-the-position--kneeling on their bed, nervously awaiting George, chewing her lip. Maybe she's done this before? She's sexily distressed by his arrival. He fondles a beautiful bottom just waiting for attention and starts her off with a mild tawsing. The camera angles are from below and wonderful. And she's a "wailer," so described and highly praised for that trait in polls we've seen. Her panties come down and things get more beautiful and well-lit center-stage; she kicks and sniffles through the tawse. George gets her bent over a bureau for 6 of the cane. "Stick your bottom right out. Great." Her misery is delicious and there is no mistaking she knows exactly what to do. They conclude with a sexy hug and fondle. His fingers go between her buttocks--he must be connecting--she gives reflexive don't-you-dare little jumps. They're both ready. Who wouldn't be?

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