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Seared Rears

Directed by: Dallas
Edited by: Brian Mazzi
Featuring: Dallas
Pepper Crimson
Tanya Hyde
Jewel (Not the Alaskan folk singer)

It really wasn't fair to Dallas and Tiki. When I sat down to watch this video I was in a very low mood. I was dealing with too many of the worlds troubles that day. I was concerned that my dour mood would negatively impact on my perception of the video. Unfortunately deadlines are deadlines and so I pressed on and watched the tape. (It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it.) Shortly after putting the video into my tape machine my mood changed precipitously. Dallas Spanks Tiki's production of "Seared Rears" is both erotic and tons of fun. I found myself being very turned on and laughing at the same time. This can be dangerous. (It should be healed in a week or so.) I adored this video. This production is endearing for the sense of unadulterated fun that the director and performers bring to the screen and for its low tech DIY (do it yourself) style of film making.
This production of " Seared Rears" is actually a series of four spanking scenarios. The first of these is a schoolgirl fantasy entitled " Five Finger Discount".
This story features Dallas as the Dean of Discipline for a private girl's school. The dean receives a phone call from "Officer Tiki" (I told you I hurt myself) who informs him that three of his students (Tanya Hyde, Pepper Crimson and Evian) were caught shoplifting. The erstwhile officer takes the naughty schoolgirls to the dean. In the dean's office these pretty young miscreants are punished for their crime. One by one each of the girls are strapped over the punishment bench and paddled hard until the color of their bottoms match Pepper's last name (Crimson) and they are tearfully apologizing for their misdeeds. The girls of " Five Finger Discount" are very cute and play the role of schoolgirls very well. According to Dallas this portion of the video was very difficult to complete. It seems that a guest of Tiki's had disrupted the shooting of this segment of the video. Tiki had met a young woman while doing a talent search for future productions. This young lady asked if she could attend the shooting of the video. To quote Dallas: " Tiki being her sweet self, invited this girl to our shoot." Dallas noted that when he was spanking the girls this unbalanced young woman would start to cry and run into the frame to rub the girls sore bottoms. In an attempt to control the intruder, Dallas and Tiki gave her the job of holding the microphone. Unfortunately this escapee from the local mental hospital continued to be disruptive. At this point Dallas asked the young woman to leave. This she did, but not before she turned off the microphone. This left Dallas and Tiki with a lot of unusable tape. The editor, Brian Mazzi needs to be congratulated for his superb work on this video. Five Finger Discount is a seamless story with very few noticeable flaws.
The next segment of this video is called " Jewel Is Punished For Cheating". This portion of the video falls into the documentary category of filmmaking.
Jewel is an attractive woman with long dark braided hair. Her role in this video was simple one. Take a hard punishment spanking. It seems that the lovely Jewel had been cheating on her boyfriend. The boyfriend being a friend of Dallas' sent his lover for a punishment spanking. After a few minutes over Dallas's knee this young woman was literally sobbing and begging for forgiveness. Absolution was only granted after Jewel's bottom was a fiery red. Dallas assures me that this portion of the video is literally a punishment spanking that was recorded for our enjoyment.
The following segment is a piece called " The Lemon Tree Switching". In this section of the video, the ravishing Tiki is made to bend over a chair and lower her panties. Dallas proceeds to spank Tiki with a switch derived from a lemon tree. The switch is very flexible and strikes its target in a whip like fashion. Dallas initiates this switching slowly. One strike upon Tiki's lovely bottom about every ten seconds. Gradually Dallas picks up the pace and begins to switch his beautiful mate's derriere in rapid fire. By the time this session was concluded Tiki's behind was a glowing red. Dallas noted that there was a client present during the filming of Tiki's switching. He had paid for the privilege of witnessing Tiki's punishment.
The next section of the video starts out playfully and ends up with Tiki receiving a very hard punishment paddling. This final portion of the video is called " Private Tiki's Paddling". In this spanking scenario, Tiki plays the part of a marine private who returns to base late after being on leave. Tiki is told that she could spend the next several days in the Brig or accept a paddling from Sargent Dallas. Of course, as this is a spanking video," Private Tiki" accepts the chastisement from Sargent Dallas. The lovely soldier is tied across the punishment table and spanked with a variety of paddles. After a few minutes of this the fun and games stop. When we next see Tiki her hands are placed high on the wall in front of her with her bare bottom presented and Dallas is wielding a mean looking paddle with his lovely mates name on it. No, really the paddle had T-I-K-I inscribed on it. Despite the fact that both Dallas and Tiki are still dressed in their battle fatigues it is clear that what is taking place on the screen is a severe punishment spanking. Dallas noted that during the taping of the " Private Tiki" segment our heroine was less than cooperative and had earned herself a real punishment spanking. With each strike of the paddle Tiki cried out in pain. Dallas wound up for each strike as if he were Barry Bonds going for his 70th homerun. The video concludes when the pain of this punishment brings Tiki to tears.
This is a video that all lovers of spanking erotica will enjoy. The young woman featured in this production are all very sexy and this video just exudes fun.

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