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Second Chance

16 minutes
Guest Review by: Collector - Posted 1/9/09

One of the brief fillers used to accompany other performances; since we are on a compulsive campaign to see every CalStar spanking, we'll share a view of this one. Good old "Brian" again, in his curly Raggedy Ann hair phase, surely earlier than the 1996 listed.

A bleach blonde ex-wife calls him and wants to come back. But..but..he's thrown out all her stuff. The ever enterprising Brian: "You know what to expect, a good caning." She returns--CalStar uses the familiar white L-shaped couch set. We've pointed out there are lots of tear stains in this room.

He gets right to it--we only have 16 minutes--a slow fondle and handspanking, bottom full-screen. "You're lucky I am warming you up. Let's have those knickers down." Nice cocked bottom, little winks. Camera views from rear, overhead, and front.

She hands over her panties, kneels up on the couch for the strap, and takes off her top. No bra; heavy unshaved dark bush. You hope she is going to made to howl. "Brian" is goofy and awkward in this performance and at least here probably lives up to the cirticism we've read from others. The strapping is moderate. "You will have to take this weekly in future."

Ready for the cane. The blonde is submissive. She stands, leans on the couch. "You're going to take ten." Seven solid strokes, then Brian fingers the weals and admires the progress. "Just two more," and they are hard ones. Some consoling at the end, giving us a moment with her fuzzy front.

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