Secretarial College

49 minutes
Review by MARS posted 3/4/11

We haven't seen this company's work for a while. This one is consistent with our recollection-unusually attractive girls and generally moderate, tame punishments. Two gorgeous long-stemmed girls attend secretarial school. While wearing next to nothing in their rooms--providing nudie film moments, a little catfight develops and a wrestling match, lots of boobs and butts. The struggling girls obligingly allow each other to strip off what little they wear.

A mistress at the school, Amanda, bursts in: "What the fuck are you two doing?" (If she were a man, she would have watched a while.) She is going to spank both girls, blond Katherine first. Franchesca can watch. Mild spanking OTK, slow-motion scenes, excellent closeups, Katherine is already naked. Brunette Franchesca gets the same. Both girls have foreign accents, not the British cut glass we expect.

Amanda steps it up. Katherine faces a large embossed leather paddle over a stool, showing us a legitimate blond tawny fuzz. Franchesca is next over the stool--her thong surviving so far, for how long? Lots of pretty facials--the crew actually relocates the stool to improve the shot.

This concludes the session. C-to-C style of bottom comparison as the girls are lectured.

At the secretarial school, Franchesca and Katherine determine they have something on Amanda, and call her in, to turn the tables. It must be powerful stuff, bcause Amanda undresses immediately and without debate--blazer off, skirt down, over the stool, panties down--both girls handspank and caress. They take up the C-to-C paddle, and harder; Amanda displays a full thatch of pubic hair, tagging the film to the early '90's.

In a new scene, apparently everyone actually likes being spanked--thus so little argument. Instructor Amanda compliments Franchesca on what a good spanker she is, triggering a dream scene, where Franchesca is the headmistress and Amanda is in school uniform. She gets the slipper--a classic old boat shoe someone saved from oblivion.

And yet another fantasy by the girls--Amanda in school uniform, Franchesca in a body suit. Amanda horses her--very old school British Empire, and an unidentified male pulls her pants down and slippers her. Excellent buttocks jiggle in slow motion.

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