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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

This video features a blonde who is in her mid-late 30's, but looks like she could be in her twenties, she is very nice looking. The story behind this video is that the woman was requested to do a video and is doing it behind her boyfriend's back. The video starts off with some chatting between the guy who usually runs this company's videos and our spankee. She gets up and pulls down her jeans and white panties to show us her butt. Shortly therafter, the fun begins. She is bent over a bed and has her panties pulled down. We begin with a nice firm hand spanking. Not overly hard, but definately gets her attention. He then pulls her panties back up and the camera switches to a view of her face. He gives her 10 swats with the paddle and after each stroke she has to say, "Thanks Jerry". I think Jerry is the guy who requested this video to be made, but not totally sure on that. Anyway, this was a nice touch. Then we go back to the view of her butt and he continues the hand spanking. He also does some fingering inbetween the slaps, which is one of the trademarks of his videos. There are also some good between the leg shots as well. The last portion of the video shows her getting more of the paddle (butt view) and then she gets up and after a few moments of rubbing, puts her panties and jeans back on. I have to say, I really enjoyed this video, it was very well done. The severity was good and the quality was very good, especially consindering they don't have the luxury of a proffessional studio. The video is 30 minutes long.

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