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Produced by Connoisseur Videos
Written by John Allen
Directed by "Instinct"
Starring: Therese & Emma
Review by Aldus W. Huckster

'Selfish Habit' is another superior CP video from Connoisseur videos. At this point it is essential for me to admit that I have an affinity for fantasies about the Corporal punishment of nuns. My Catholic upbringing I guess. This video is exceedingly erotic and well crafted. In this superb production the "Mother Superior" of a religious order thrashes a novice sister for the sin of thievery. Sister Mary, our young novice, receives several good thrashings by hand, paddle, flogger, birch, and finally the cane. What a delicious punishment session this was to watch. Now comes the part that I liked the best for it's comeuppance time for our love Mother Superior. You see, Mother Superior was not allowed by The Order of St. Birchingem (don't you just love the name?) to mete out this kind of punishment and she is caught "red-handed" (and conversely, Sister Mary red bottomed) by Father John at the end of the caning she is giving Sister Mary. Now it's her turn to taste the same punishments that she has handed out to Sister Mary. Only the pastor of the parish is far more severe with her. And to further add to Mother Superiors humiliation (and my enjoyment), Sister Mary is instructed by Father John to pay back Mother Superior for what she has done to her. Lots of good story and lovely red bottoms in this one.

This video is just superb in every aspect. The nun's habits and Father John's clothes are right on the money. The location that was used in the making of this video will make you feel as if you are voyeur being given a glimpse into the activities in your local convent.

The video quality and production values in this one are even better than in Graffiti Girls. (And that is saying quite a bit!) The camera angles, close-ups, and other views are terrific. Also I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the excellent performances by Therese and Emma.

I can recommend this production to anyone who enjoys CP videos, and even to those misguided people who think they don't. I give this video a 9.0 out of 10.

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