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Sergeant Spiteful

Time: 57 min

Guest Review by: Collector

We always enjoy a young lady forced to accept a spanking from an authority who has the pwer to command her obedience. Here we have three young female British military recruits, punished by an older female sergeant, in revenge. This is mostly a trifle; there is plenty of bare skin, taking up most of the hour.

Three lovelies are out for a jog, jiggling away under their shirts. Wearing T-shirts, boots, and fatigues, they're not as cunning as the lassies in white short-shorts who jog in the Cheek-to-Cheek series, but the end result will be sharper. Their female sergeant, a statuesque blonde herself, drags them into her office for what seems to be a scolding. Turns out this is to be some nasty payback for something which we'll see happened yesterday. When the girls complain.....they're cold....."You're cold?.....let's see....let's have your clothes off....come"

The girls are cooked--they know it. There is a tall redhead, a well-endowed brunette, and a long-haired blonde. Off come the boots, pants, and T-shirts. Only the redhead remembered a bra this morning. Three lovely ladies, shivering in just panties. They pause, hoping, as only a girl can hope. "And the rest , girls......I did say to strip off." We're treated to three sweet bodies, nice little shaves. The brunette especially is a package. The girls are ordered to march in place and we see a preview, front, back, and side. Higher, girls, higher. The scene flashes back---to yesterday.

The same three, fully clothed, are doing PT for the sergeant in the same office. Suddenly they grab her, get her OTK for one of the recruits and wrestle down her fatigue pants. A slow handspanking ensues on black transparent panties. The tall blonde sergeant has a big bottom. Soon the panties are tugged down during a faux struggle. The tall blonde sergeant also has a shapely bottom! One of the girls finds a paddle and a tawse. The sergeant's buttocks are reddening nicely. The leather paddle makes a nice zinging slap. This cameraman has done some spanking films. He keeps the target centered and unobstructed. Sarge is made to kneel on the chair for tawsing.

The brunette is elected to use the cane----her gleeful look at drawing this assignment seems unrehearsed. Her first few strokes are tentative, but she learns the wrist-snap, even as we watch. The sergeant arches her back in shock as the recruite marvels how she can intensify the sting of the cane. She is delighted with her work. Soon there are weals on her buttocks and thighs and one spot on her flank where the whippy flexible wrap-around rattan left a bunched grouping. The scene ends. How can the girl get away with this?

But of course they didn't. We fade again forward to the next day, where the three nude girls are marching in place for the sergeant. This is the payback, and it's only begun. The sergeant sends the nubile brunette bounding off to get her paddles and cane.

"Now who am I going to punish first?......YOU!" She grabs the unlucky blonde. A long hard handspanking ensues; the blonde's totally naked, as is the watching, next-in-line redhead. Blondie is actually quivering. "Remember this paddle?" (from yesterday) Nice closeups of hand and paddle at work. The sergeant spends a lot of time rubbing and exploring the poor girl's bottom. But she isn't satisfied. "I don't think this paddle is quite effective." The blonde is made to kneel on the chair, always a nice view, for the tawse. But, even after some full-swing strokes, "Not very effective, is it?" The choked reply: "It is..."

The sergeant walks off-camera and returns with a cane---I don't recall seeing a cane like this. It is heavy and inflexible, more a rod. None of that whippy, swishy, bend-it-double taunting stuff. The sergeant lays on about 25 short, hard, stiff strokes; our naked blonde, with a sharp intake of breath, is very impressed. We see her miserable fasce and closeups of developing weals. Another long fondle at the end-----watch where those fingers go. Our little recruit: "I'm sorry......I'm sorry...."

The nude redhead, who has stood by and winced through the blonde's torment, is next. We can thank the director for prompting her to keep her hands behind her back as she watched. The blonde now moves to the side to observe, and the same handspanking, paddle, tawse sequence occurs. The blonde begins to play with herself as she watches, to the amusement of the sergeant, who looks like she'd like to be doing the same thing. The blonde gets into the action and helps hold down the redhead during her tawsing. We enjoy the redhead's great body in this always revealing position, kneeling on a chair seat, resting on its back, back arched, knees spread. The venerable cane comes last, only 13 strokes, probably because she's so well bruised and blotched by this point.

Alas, the brunette, the most volupuous of the three, never returns. We was robbed, but we got plenty. But it would have been some caning. Let's imagine her paying on some other day.

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