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Severe Punishment- The Paddle and the Cane

Directed and Produced: Ed Lee
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Hucksterr

Once again we have the pleasure of viewing a video that legends are made of. The legend being Nu-West/LEDA and the stuff being one of the newest additions to the Nu-West line-up of excellent corporal punishment videos. This video has two scenes. The first is "The Paddle" and the second is "The Cane". I will not spend a lot of time in describing this video because I really believe you will have to see it to believe it, and I also believe that you SHOULD see it.

In the first scene we are presented with a beautiful woman receiving real Corporal Punishment with a Spencer Paddle. This is without a doubt the most severe paddling that I have ever seen administered to a woman, and Nu-West chose to use an L.A. Dom, that looks amazingly like Morgan Perez, to see that it is done correctly. I will only say one more thing - at the end you will think the paddle is bleeding.

The second scene has Ed Lee administering Corporal Punishment to a very pretty and deserving blond girl. He does such a good job that you can actually count the strokes from the stripes on her bare ass. I want to note that there is a disclaimer in the beginning of this video which states that Nu-West does not believe in administering true Corporal Punishment of this severity to anyone outside "the scene". In other words they will not use models that are doing it for monetary gain for anything this severe. I very highly recommend this video, and give it an 12 out of 10 on the "punishment meter".

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